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Ferdinand Magellan

No description

Piper Horton

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Explorer: Ferdinand Magellan
Piper Horton
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Navigational Aids
Success or Fail?
Ferdinand Magellan
Young Life
Born: 1480, Sabrosa, Portugal
Died: April 27, 1521, Mactan
His parents were members of the Portuguese nobility,so after they died, he became a page for the queen.
He studied at Queen Leonora's School of Pages.
Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan led the first expedition that sailed around the earth.
Ferdinand Magellan commanded the Triniadad, and he was killed by natines on the island of Mactan before the end of the voyage.
Juan de Cartegena commanded the San Antonio.
Gaspar de Quesada commanded the Conception.
Luis de Mendoza commanded the Victoria.
Juan Serrano commanded the Santiago.
Expedition Around the Earth
Years of exploration:1519-1522
He was successful because he sailed around the world.
He also failed because he died before he could finish the expedition.
Assorted time pieces including hour glass and sundial.
Traverse boards
Hour glass
Traverse board
Ferdinand Magellan Route
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