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Native Studies: Identities

No description

Kimberly Eyers

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Native Studies: Identities

Identity and Language
What is the relationship between language and culture? What about the relationship between language and our identities?

Rita Joe
Nova Scotia
won the Order of Canada in 1990
Simple, brief poems, with some translation.
Principles of good discussion:

You can always offer your personal opinion.

Debate the ideas, not the person. (Keep it professional)

It is okay (and even great) to change your mind.
Language Learning Project

In groups of 3, you will create a language lesson for a small group of students from SK-Grade 3.

We've talked about ourselves, time to talk about other Aboriginal Peoples.
First Nations (as a whole)
Status and the Indian Act
Indian Act (1763)
nation to nation relationship
rights to the land
treaty making process
rights (to hunt, fish, gather, self-govern)
Some First Nations (like Haudensaunee) were Matrilineal.
This means the kinship with the mother's side was more important for identity.

In order to have status, A First Nations individual would have to prove their father was First Nations. This meant that women who "married out" lost their status, and so did their children.

Read the passage.

Discuss with a partner how you think gaining legal status should work. Write your answer on a card.
Writing Assignment
In at least 2 paragraphs,
(3 sentences each), write

a) your answers to the questions at the start of class

b) your opinion about the quote by Wittgenstein.

c) your response to Rita Joe's poem
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