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Writing a Resume

This prezi is made for high school students interested in finding a job.

Ryan Kjesbo-Johnson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing a Resume

Double click anywhere & add an idea
What to include?
Presented by:
Ryan Kjesbo-Johnson
1925 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55104
Creating a Resume
The first thing on your resume should always be your contact information.
Put your first and last name, home address, phone number, and email.
Make your voicemail and telephone number is professional
What people want to/and don't want to know about you from your email:
Want to know you are a unique person with a unique name (not A012345@hotmail.com or SAN@gmail.com)
Don't want to know your hobbies (not likes2shop@yahoo.com)
Don't want to know about your sex life or anything that could appear sexual (not rocketman@just4fun.com)
Don't want you to have adjectives describing you (not superguy55@thebomb.com)
What employers don't like to hear:
Long Messages
Joking messages
What employers do like to hear:
When a response should be expected?
Short message
What is a Resume for?
A job or education search tool.
An invaluable way to present your skills.
Your showcase of your professional life.

An objective is your chance to tell an employer how this job fits into your long-term goals. As you gain more work experience an objective statement is not neccessary.
But here is what to put in one:
Describe your previous work experience.
Show that you understand the job field you are applying too.
Connect your skills with the employer's needs.
To gain an understanding of how to provide good customer service and to obtain knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the retail industry.
Responsible high school student with a genuine love for animals seeking part-time employment with a veterinary hospital to better understand animals and their owners in preparation for veterinary school.
List your expected graduation date from High School.
Add any significant achievements you have attained since you have been in high school.
List only the High School you will graduate from.
Here is an example:
Washburn High School Expected Completion in June 2010
Minneapolis, MN
Earned Student of the month, earned by only 4 other students in a student body of 1500, for successfully completing a biology project that works against global warming.
Do you feel like you don't have much to put on a resume?
You probably have more then you think.
Think of everything you have done, no matter how insignificant it may seem.
Be Creative, and show that even though you have not had many, or any, jobs you have skills that can still be demonstrated in a job.
What are some examples of Volunteering that you can put on your resume?
Babysitting your siblings
Helping your grandma with house projects
Gardening in a community garden
Serving meals at your church
Tutoring classmates after-school
When including your volunteer experience you should include the dates in which you did it and what you did.
Why is it important to include volunteer experience?
Where to get volunteer experience?

Talk to your teachers and local community centers to see what you can do!
How to talk about work experience?
Put them in chronological order
Make sure that job information and employment dates are up-to-date.
Put jobs that you no longer have in the past tense.
Even if the job didn't seem overly meaningful to you, it still equipped you with marketable skills.
If you have had a lot of jobs for short amount of times put them together.
Include any special assignments or awards.
Describe job duties using action verbs.
What skills should you list?
List technical skills that would be pertinent in a work setting (MS Office, Typing speed)
Leadership Skills
Language Abilities
What skills not to list?
Generic Skills (i.e. Hard Worker or On Time)
Hobbies or Interests
Not to many
Things to help you prepare:
Blank information sheet
Sample Resumes
Resume workshops after-school
Keep doing things to put on your resume!
HOw did Will Smith talk about skills in pursuit of Happyness when he didn't have much to work with?
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