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Does mint actually cool things down?

No description

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Does mint actually cool things down?

Do mints really cool down
Purpose: Mint can give a cold sensation in your mouth especially when drinking water. Can a mint really cool water or is it just a sensation?
First 5 mintutes - tic tacs
temp before : 100 F
after 5 min with mints: 98 F
after 10 min with mints : 96 F
after 15 min with mints: 94 F
after 20min with mints: 88 F
after 25 min with mints : 88 F
after 30min with mints: 84 F

First 5 mintures - Mentos
Temp before: 100 F
after 5 min with mints: 97 F
after 10 min with mints: 96 F
after 20 min with mints: 92 F
after 25 min with mints: no change
after 30 min with mints: 88 F
Data, Results & Conclusion

All temperatures taken with the mints and without the mints gave the same exact reading which makes my hypothesis incorrect. Mints do not cool down water.
Independant Variable: The different types of mints i put in the water (mentos,tic tacs, altoids)

Dependant Variable - Hot water
Materials & Procedure

1. Take a glass of hot water and record the temperature by using a thermometer.

2. place 5 mints in hot water and take the temperature again. Did the water temperature change?

3. Take the temperature of both glasses ever 5 minutes for 30 min

4.Record results.

If i put mint in hot water it will cool the water because when you put a mint in your mouth it cools it off
Ryan Meguin
5th grade


Mints (altiods,tic tacs & mentos)

2 glasses hot water


pen & paper for data
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