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No description

Tristin Pattee

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Nonfiction

Styles/Techniques Non-Fiction Writing Activity Thank you for watching! Advice Columns
Copy writing
Creative Nonfiction
Experimental Nonfiction
Food Writing
Nature Writing
News Reports
Round Ups/ Top tens/ lists
Travel Blogs
Biographies Playing With Fire The objective of the game is to guess whether or not the form of literature or entertainment is non-fiction or fiction The Genre of Non-Fiction
By: Mustafa/Tristin/Matt Required Elements -Factual events, characters, settings, and ideas
-authors perspective
-historical context (time period, social and cultural) Definition of Non-fiction Non-Fiction is the form of any narrative, account, or other communicative work whose assertions and descriptions are understood to be factual. By Theo Fleury autobiography: about his own life
the struggles and changes of his life
a true story
reader is told about his thoughts and opinions about his past Principle-Centered Leadership By Stephen Covey personal development
guidelines on how to become a strong leader and individual Sub-Genres Tips From published writer Marie Embree and Quentin J. Shultze 1. The subject is given much thought
2. It has a title that is descriptive.
3. It is well-written and carefully edited
4. The author is a professional in the field
5. The material is well-organized.
6. The presentation is attractive, appealing and professional-looking.
7. It has been diligently promoted and marketed. Autobiography a writer's account of his or her own life
1st person
focuses on most significant events and people in the writer's life and how they affected the writer
if published, the writer is most likely famous Biography an account of a person's life written by another person
research! honesty!
strengths and weaknesses, etc. Memoir a form of autobiographical writing
writer focuses on his or her involvement with noted people, significant events, or both, and their deeper meaning
tone is important; often intimate Essay formal informal persuasive expository personal writer tries to convince you to share a belief, to agree with a position, or to take some action brief work on nonfiction that deals with a single subject writers systematically develop ideas in an impersonal manner often include anecdotes or humor purpose is to convey or explain expresses a writer's thoughts, feelings, opinions
allows a writer to explore the meaning of events and issues in his own life
often informal in tone written to convey factual info
shaped by purposes and attitudes of author
must be examined for bias, gaps in info, and errors in logic Elements of
Nonfiction About people About places About events About things
Tip 1: Understand the Idea of platform
Tip 2: Step up on promoting
Tip 3: Express your credentials smartly
Tip 4: Get early endorsements
Tip 5: Don't be demanding Ten tips for creating non-fiction proposal Eric Maisel Movies Based on
Nonfiction Books The Blind slide
Into the wild
Apallo 13

127 hours
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