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Job Mismatch within the College Graduates of the Philippines

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Andie Tombucon

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Job Mismatch within the College Graduates of the Philippines

Job Mismatch within the College Graduates of the Philippines What is Job Mismatch? Introduction This 2012, 700,000 new graduates will be added to the job seekers.
Most of them are nursing, HRM, business and engineering graduates.
Hoping they fall in the white collar jobs. Potential of Job Mismatch in the Philippines Factors that contribute to the Job Mismatch within college graduates Do not focus on the most in demand job especially if that job is not your thing How To Prevent Job Mismatch The study suggest the mapping of HEI's and SUC's programs and curriculum How To Address Job Mismatch Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines Human Capital Theory
Credentialism Theory
Job Matching Theory
Technological Change Theory Theoretical Foundations Education Training Institutions Tendency of the industry to be selective in their hiring practices Attitude of prospective workers Study the job offer well before you sign a contract. Do not look on how big the company is, but on how you can perform your job. Apply on a position where you can learn and grow as a person. Match your preferred industry according to the degree that you finished and your qualification. Information on Higher Education System
Private Higher Education Institutions
Public Higher Education Institutions THANK YOU
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