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The Side Effects of Body Image on Teenagers

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Agnes Starczewska

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of The Side Effects of Body Image on Teenagers

Media Driven Expectations
Long-term Side Effects
Eating Habits for Teenagers
Healthy at any size
Advertising in media, whether it be social, print, electronic or new age media generally has a powerful effect on how we see ourselves,teenagers can be the most vulnerable to these unrealistic expectations of how we should look, act, think and behave.
Many of us feel pressured living in a society obsessed with physical perfection, we as a society need to recognize that we come in different shapes and sizes, and we are all inherently valuable regardless of the way we look. Health Is a matter of health, not of size nor shape.
If body image issues in teenagers are ignored they can lead to long term side effects well into adulthood. Such side effects may include eating disorders, depression and anxiety, body dysmorphia and social isolation.
The Side Effects of Body Image on Teenagers
The side Effects of Body Image on Teenagers
*Healthy at any size
*Media driven expectations.
*Eating habits of teenagers.
*Long term effects.
Healthy at any size

Hating our bodies can lead to many issues. Concentrating on our flaws can do lots of emotional and physical damage, leading to unneeded stress, Anxiety,depression, low self esteem, eating disorders, diabetes, emotional distress, thoughts of suicide,avoiding social situations and Isolation. These may be a result of bullying, comparing our bodies to others and many more.

Media driven expectations on teenagers
Eating disorders such as Bulimia, Anorexia Nerovsa, gender stereotypes, assessing oneself by appearance and depression and social alienation are but some of the issues our youth are faced with due to these media driven expectations.
Eating Habits for Teenagers
When teenagers are not eating healthy foods it can cause major health issues such as Obesity which can cause high blood pressure,stroke,and chronic diseases such as certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes increases.
Long term effects
If an individual is to develop an eating disorder, depression and anxiety or body dysmorphia due to untreated body image issues. There could be life-threatening and permanent effects. Including mood swings, self destructive behavior, a weak heart, organ failure,
unable to conceive due to reproductive system not function properly, osteoporosis, cardiac arrest, low blood pressure and a slowed pulse due to shrinkage of the heart. Wearing away muscles and cartilage due to over exercise especially if it’s concentrated on one area for long periods of time.

Media driven expectations on teenagers
Although media is seen as the evil here, media education can counter unrealistic media expectations of teenagers body image. A recent study of programmes that have been designed to help our youth deal with body image and closely related eating disorders, has shown that media education is one of the most effective strategies for dealing with these issues.
Long Term Effects
Eating Habits for Teenagers
Although most teenagers body image issues are treated early leading to a full recovery it is the ones that carry their body image insecurities into adulthood that are at the greatest risk. Through proper education and awareness programs we can ensure that everyone is comfortable in their own skin.
Assignment 2- COM1003 Learning and Communicating Online
Media driven expectations on teenagers
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Long Term side Effects
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Eating Habits for Teenagers
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The side effects of body Image on Teenagers
Healthy at any size
A healthy and realistic lifestyle should be promoted to all individuals. Exercise, eating well,habits,sleeping well and great support groups have many benefits when working on loving yourself as an individual,when you engage in bettering yourself through these types of activities you feel motivated, you feel happy and satisfied with yourself
Health at any size
Learning to love yourself is crucial and beneficial, we should accept ourselves and see that we are exceptional and unique the way we are and we don't need to change for anyone. We are beautiful because we are different from the rest. Weight and size doesn't define who we are. To be healthy you must be happy and treat yourself with respect. It is advised to let go of your insecurities and live life for yourself by taking control of it.
In conclusion, of the disadvantages and advantages of media driven expectations and how the ongoing exposure to distorted representations can shape and ultimately blur the lines of perceptions of reality. Will media education be our only strategy in combating these dire effects on our teenagers?, only time will tell. The media eye, in its many different forms, objectifies all of us. The result? Many of us, especially teenagers, begin to objectify themselves.

Media driven expectations on teenagers
Long Term Effects

There are no advantages of teenagers experiencing body image issues, however, education and awareness is important in treatment and prevention. If caught and treated early an individual who has been exposed to these issues is able to make a full recovery. Being able to guide and mentor others in a similar situation is the only real positive.
Healthy at any size
Group 2

Kim Cummaudo - Eating habits for Teenagers

Felicia Stanley - felicia.r.stanley@gmail.com

Amanda Stefanovska-Long Term side Effects amanda.stefanovska@gmail.com

Agnes Starczewska- Healthy at any size A.star@hotmail.com

Blake Cunningham- Media Driven Expectations blake.gioia@gmail.com

Youtube video from: ( video Body Image vs Mind by

Teenagers are faced with a lot of challenges and need to eat healthy to maintain a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Temptation to indulge in too much greasy and sweet foods can be hard for teenagers to avoid they need to know they can eat these foods in moderation.
Eating Habits for Teenagers
The advantages for teenagers to maintain a healthy diet is good for energy levels and can help improve mood. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in fruits,vegetables,lean proteins and wholegrains help in keeping teenagers to be healthy and be able to live an active life and have a healthy mind.
It is okay to enjoy unhealthy treats but we need to ensure teenagers are aware of the fact that it is only okay in moderation. It is vital that growing bodies have good nutrients that support growth and healthy minds. They need to be aware that to live a healthy life good nutrition is the best choice to make to prevent illness.
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