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How Do Landslides Affect The Earth?

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Lyla Mattu

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of How Do Landslides Affect The Earth?

Landslides are rock,Earth,or debris flow on slopes due to Earth's gravity. They can occur on any type of terrain as long as the it's moist and has the right angle of a slope.
Effects on Plant Life
Negative Effects Of A Landslide
What Are Landslides?
How Landslides Affect Wildlife
Effects on Plant Life
Landslides can effect wildlife by blocking or eliminating animals' habitats so they cannot have any access to their food & water sources.
Landslides affect the Earth by blocking roads, damaging and destroy homes, locally disrupting; water mains, sewers, power lines, and they even have the power to damage oil-and gas- production facilities. Landslides threat wildlife by eliminating their water and food supplies.
Landslides have the monstrous power to block roads, damage and destroy homes, locally disrupt; water mains, sewers, power lines, and they even have the power to damage oil and gas production facilities.
Landslides have the power to effect plant life badly. If land becomes saturated, it will flow more easily. Plants, trees, shrubs, and bushes will get washed down with the slide
How Do Landslides Effect The Earth?
Conjecture: Landslides effect Earth by disintegrating masses of rocks.
Kilgore, Ben. "The Effects of Landslides on Structures." St.Francis. 8 March 2014.

"'landslides" ussatrf.org.March 10
By: Keaton Alexander, Lyla Mattu, Sarah Habib
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