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Ned Kelly & Other Bush Rangers

No description

reece thompson

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Ned Kelly & Other Bush Rangers

Australian History
Ned Kelly
Ned's house was built by his father john (red) kelly his father came to Australia as a convict his crime against the law was stealing two pigs
Ned Kelly and the Kelly gang were caught up in a battle near a hotel with Sargent Fitzpatrick and they made armor out of a farmers plough to protect them in battle. In the battle between Fitzpatrick and Ned, Ned was shot in the leg, due to the heavy weight of the armor he couldn't get up he was then arrested and hung in public
Ned Kelly was a famous BushRanger
Ned Kelly Used
A Musket As His Gun

Ned's Gun
Ned Kelly and the Kelly gang stole from the rich and gave money to the poor
many people believe Ned Kelly didn't receive a fair trial
Thank you
Thankyou for watching our prezi :-)
Fact: Ned Kelly & Kelly Gang Stole over 2000 Pounds ($4625.96) From The Bank Of NSW
Byrons diary entry
Friday 13.1.1882 dear holly sorry for not writing to you for two weeks .Me and my zone has been at the front line .it was like a sea red with
Flares a bombs going off .Now my zone is at the far back I guest that
Is a good thing. Me and harry are playing two/up right now I lost
Ten dollars .On a good note I got given the victor red cross.
So look after your mother.

Monday 16.2.1882 Dear Holly today I got a gold metal last night for
Dinner every night .We have soup it is very BAD I wish your mother
Wood make me her sort cake yum luckily I em warm so look after Your mother.

Sunday 30.3.1882 DEAR HOLLY Sorry for not sending you a letter me and harry are at the front line now we have lost half of our zone. Me and ten others are still alive but we are now are at the far back now we are resting and getting more .Sleep me and my zone are having soup NONO.
Friday 14.4.1882 dear holly we are at the front line so
We are going to try to stay at the front line to the END so
Me and harry stated a fire so we can stay warm.
Monday 19.4.1882 dear holly some one found some damper
So we had that for two weeks it is a lot better then soup can
You thank your mother for the sort cake. Look after your mother for me.

convicts have

Convics were put in jail for stealing just a loaf of bread!!
Now lets go forword through time to the anzacs!!
Now we are going way back to when
the convics came to Australia
My Diary
Wednesday June 1885
Today I saved a young lad because he was drowning at the
age of seven years old.

Monday June 1895
I’m sorry that I haven’t written in ten years I didn’t have
enough money. I am planning to rob a bank to get a lot in
Victoria National bank and Jerilderie bank.
In the Kelly gang are Joe Byme who is twenty one years old
When my father died on the twenty seven December 1886.

Tuesday June 1896
I’m sorry that I haven’t written to you in one year I have been very
Busy with my two brothers and the Kelly gang we have rob the banks
At Victoria National and the Jerilderie bank and we got trapped
By the police at a hotel and we tried to get out but we got in goal we got out of goal
by Dylan.
now lets look at some diary entrys!!
Sams Diary entry

Thursday 26th November 1834
Dear Diary,
Woke up at four am ready to go to my job still very cold rainy weather. Just started building the mayors house and at that time it just rained so heavily that we had to have the roof up first before anything and to keep the wood dry. As soon we got that up we were aloud breakfast my zone of the roof was the biggest so I didn’t get much of a feed. The only food I got was not even 10 ounces of bread so hungry. Just as the roof was up the weather became clear the sun was out it was beautiful the sun in the trees was just beautiful I just wish my mother and father were here to see this they would love it. Sometimes I think that there coming and coming with money and food I also wish I never stole that 5 pounds so I could still sit at the dam with my two sisters but then it was my fault. It was just about lunch time the guard then shouted soup for lunch! We all cheered. Well today was the new fleet coming with free settlers maybe just maybe will see them. It was just about time for lights out and to put my quill down. Bye.

Friday 27th November 1834
Dear Diary,
Got woken up by the sound of cheers at 6:00 am I walked out side of the tent and the new fleet was here it was unbelievable food was sent and new guards and free settlers. But as soon as I got up I was lashed with a big whip it created a painful cut right across my back and I had to work with it on my back even my best friend John Wiles was dying of sickness our sickening water has killed more then 28 of my friends then I heard a shout John! John! It was my sister and I was so proud I also saw my mother and father they were here for me I just knew it.
Saturday 28th November 1834
I have now been reunited with my family and have been given a ticket and I am now a free settler.

anzacs in the first world war
were very poor in very harsh conditions

June 15th 1875

Today I saved a young lad by the name of Richard ‘Dick’ Shelton who was only at the age of seven years old.
I was granted a green sash as a token of appreciation

June 15th 1885

I’m sorry I haven’t written in ten years I had not enough money to buy more ink.
Tomorrow my gang and I are planning on robbing our first bank.
My companions in the gang are Dan Kelly (my brother) he has
A short moustache and his hair combed to the left side he is
14, then there is Joe Byrne (a great companion) he has short
Hair and a moustache he is 19 years old, Ned (me) has a
Mullet and long beard and my age is 20, then there is Steve
Hart he has curly hair and is 18

June 16th 1878

We are going to rob our first bank today we hope we will
Succeed we have been training shooting with muskets. with the
Money we steal we will fraction the money to the poor and our
Relatives ok here we go!
I just got back from robbing the Bank of New South Wales it
Was a successful we stole over 2000 pounds! It was a
Huge success although we have a few hundred pounds on
Our heads it still an enormous success I am hoping to
Make a suit of armour out of a farmers plough to protect
Myself in Further robberies from trooper’s guns
by Reese
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