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Linus Pauling

No description

Matt McGlynn

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Linus Pauling

The Alpha Helix
For years, know one knew the exact shape and structure of proteins. By using a sheet of paper and then x-ray technology, Pauling and Robert Corey found the exact shape of the protein molecule and named it the alpha helix. They conducted most of their research at Cal-tech or Pauling's personal lab. Many scientist disagreed with their design because each twist had 3.6 amino acids, instead of whole number such as 3 or 4.
Books by Linus Pauling
Although Linus Pauling is considered a chemist, he had many achievements in the medical and political fields. Pauling became a professor at age 18 at Cal-tech; he taught a course he only took a year ago. One of his students, Ava Helen Miller, would eventually marry Pauling. Once Pauling left the teaching profession, he began researching topics in multiple fields.
Video: Linus Pauling--How He Discovered the Alpha Helix
Linus Pauling
Vitamin C
Pauling believed Vitamin C had many health benefits:
-preventing colds
-increasing longevity
-combating cancer
-improving overall health

Fun Facts
Found the cause of sickle-cell anemia
Created accurate oxygen meter
Helped create synthetic plasma
Suspected to be a communist by the U.S. government
Died of cancer, even though he took in plenty of Vitamin C
Early Life
Linus Pauling was born in Portland, Oregon on February 28, 1901. Pauling's family moved often throughout the North-West United States. Linus Pauling's parents were born in Germany, but moved to America to raise a family, which included Linus and his two younger sisters. At an early age, it was apparent that Pauling was very intelligent and interested in science. Eventually, Pauling won a scholarship to Oregon State University and earned a Ph.D at the California Institute of Technology.
Timeline of Linus Pauling's Life
Linus Pauling is born
By Matthew McGlynn
B-Day, Block 1
Mr. Malakuskie

The Founding Father of Molecular Biology
Sees a chemical experiment and becomes fastinated with the subject
Enters the Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State University)
Publishes first scientific paper
Gets Ph.D. in chemistry
The Nature of the Chemical Bond
is published
Receives Presidential Medal of Merit of the United States
Receives Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry
Helps presents nuclear-bomb petition to UN Secretary
Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Vitamin C and the Common Cold
Cancer and Vitamin C
How to Live Longer and Feel Better
Linus Pauling dies at age 93

Newton, David. Linus Pauling:Scientist and Advocate. New York: Facts on File, 1994. Print.
Miko, I. & LeJeune, L., eds. Essentials of Genetics. Cambridge, MA: NPG Education, 2009.
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Linus Pauling was a very interesting person. Even though he was a suspected communist, he had many scientific accomplishments. Chemistry would not be the same without Pauling's work. He will always be remembered as a great scientist, author, and person.
Was an atheist
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