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Research Oriented Presentation

St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur

Sheetal Mehta

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Research Oriented Presentation

Department of Physics
St. Aloysius College, JBP


Peer Review Team Students' Research Projects

The department provides a very conducive atmosphere for students for research projects. Some of the diverse and original projects taken up the students are:

•“Study of The Chemical Oscillation System”

•“Study of Mandelbrot And Julia Sets Through Mathematica”

•“Anomalous Dispersion In Iodine Doped Poly Carbonate Thin Films”

•“Experimental And Theoretical Study of Refractive Index Of Rhodamine 6G Doped PMMA Solution”

•“Study of Hardness of Un-Annealed PMMA Polymer Film Doped With Different Percentages of Rhodamine 6G using a Vicker’s Hardness Tester through Image Processing”.

A P.G. student has been placed in TIFR on the basis of project work done in the optical properties of polymers. Two P.G. students attended a Summer School Program in IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Motto : “ THE INQUIRING MIND PROGRESSES”

" To establish the Department of Physics as a Research and Teaching Institute of fame and repute." Departmental Research Work focuses
on diverse fields

(a) Electronic properties of Polymers
(b) Optical Properties of Polymers
(c) Mechanical Properties of Polymers
(d) Theoretical Studies on Noise
(e) Quantum Dot Lasers
(f) Nanostructured Materials
(g) Computer based Theoretical Modelling. DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITIES

1. The Department is the only centre in Jabalpur for National Graduate Physics
Examination conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers.

2. Department has conducted a three day Symposium on "RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN MATERIAL SCIENCE" under the sponsorship of UGC, India.

3. Department has conducted a two day symposium on "PHYSICS TODAY: CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH, IDEAS & INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS" under the sponsorship of IAPT& UGC, India.

4. Department has conducted Three workshops on MATHEMATICA under the sponsorship of Sierra Atlantic.

5. A four day National Workshop on “Teaching & Learning Physics Through Mathematica” funded by UGC, CRO, Bhopal.

6. A two day workshop on “Statistics by Mathematica”

7. One of the faculty members is on the Panel of Reviewers of the Wiley published “ Journal of Applied Polymer Science” and has reviewed ten papers till date

8.One member has been selected to send her MRP details to the DST, GOI for a report on the outcome of extramural R & D projects sanctioned for the period 2000-2007.

9.Five research scholars are registered for Ph. D. Degree (Two theses submitted)

10.M.Sc. Student has been placed in HBCSE (TIFR), Mumbai as a Research Associate.

11. Research publication of M.Sc. students in DAE SSPS conferences. Participation of M,S. students in Summer School Program at Kalpakkam. MINOR RESEARCH PROJECTS COMPLETED

“Study on the Electrodeposition of Ternary Cd S1-x Sex film based on Solar cells”. Project completed by U.G.C.,India, and undertaken by Fr. Oscar Tirkey.

“ Study on the Electronic Properties of Halogen doped Polymer films” Project Completed by U.G.C.,India, and undertaken by Dr. K. Das

“Optoelectronic properties of Laser Dye Doped Polymeric Composites” by Mr. Jitendra Tripathi.

“Nanostructure Modified Refractive Index of Doped Polymer Matrix” by Ms. Sheetal Mehta.

“Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Rh 6G Doped PMMA” has been undertaken by Mr. Pradeep Dubey. Departmental Family

1. Dr. Kallol Das
(Asst. Prof. & Head)M. Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D, D.H.M.S.
Communication Electronics & Microprocessor,Electrical, Optical & Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Computational Modeling, covers wide spectrum of research work.
On the Panel of Referees of the Journal, “ Journal of Applied Polymer Science”, Wiley International
Guiding 4 Ph.D. Scholars , Completed 01 Minor Research Project, Published 32 Research Papers
Resource Person for Mathematica

2. Ms. Sheetal Mehta
(Asst. Prof. )M. Sc., Registered for Ph.D
Communication Electronics & Microprocessor, Optical Properties of Polymers
Completed 01 Minor Research Project, Published 20 Research Papers, Resource Person for Mathematica

3. Mrs. Nisha Pandey 4. Mrs.Poonam Pendke
(Asst. Prof. )M. Sc., Thesis submitted for Ph.D. (Asst. Prof.)M. Sc. Registered for Ph.D,
Material Science, Published 04 Research Papers

5. Ms. Aradhana Dhanaraj, (Asst. Prof.) 6. Ms. Rashmi Singh, (Asst. Prof.)
M.Sc., Published 02 Research Papers M.Sc. Published 02 Research Papers. Advance Facilities

Vickers Micro Hardness Tester( CPE)
Double Beam Spectrophotometer ( UGC,BSR)
Multi-wavelength Abbe’s refractometer (imported from the USA)
Abbe’s Refractometer (MRP)
FTIR (UGC), Kerr Cell ( UGC)
Mathematica Software ( CPE)
Electronic Balance (MRP)
PCs, Laptop, DLP, OHP, Scanner/ Printer ( CPE)
INFLIBNET Linkages for Research / Extension

DRDO, New Delhi
Regional Cancer Research Centre, Ahmedabad
CSIR Laboratory, Chennai
IGCAR, Kalpakkam
TIFR, Mumbai
Department of Physics, Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur BOOKS/ JOURNALS/ PERIODICALS IN THE DEPARTMENTAL LIBRARY

BOOKS: 216

List of Physics Journals prescribed by the Department
Bulletin of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers
Bulletin of Materials Science , Current Science
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics , Journal of Earth System Science
Journal of AstroPhysics & Astronomy
Pramana Journal of Physics Science Reporter Vigyan Pragati
Science India , Down to Earth , Journal of Astro Physics & Astronomy
Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
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