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Youtube: The History and the Content

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Joshua Timmons

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Youtube: The History and the Content

Content & Management
Advertising on YouTube
Companies can Advertise Products on YouTube.
Mobile: YouTube on the go
The Mobile app for YouTube was launched in 2007
Inappropriate Content
YouTube occasionally has some inappropriate content that differs from television content.

People who have kids that go on YouTube usually set up a parental guide for what they can watch and can't watch based on searches and filtering the content.

Usually if content is too inappropriate it will get flag by a person or a several people.

The History and the Content
If YouTube had became a Tune & Hook up site what would have been the future of video streaming?
Q: Where does YouTube put all of it's content?

A: Servers. Lots and lots of severs.
Since YouTube is now owned by Google, it has much more dedicated servers for all of the content that is on the site.
YouTube has been working with about 10 to 20 exabytes, which is about that of a terabyte (TB), worth of memory for their own servers.
YouTube has ways of blocking content and removing content on the site. The most popular methods are:
Flagging/Reporting Information to administrators of the site.
YouTube Safety center helps with blocking out certain content that you want to be blocked on YouTube.
YouTube has grow a lot over the years. Movies and TV shows are able to be purchased on the site and paid subscriptions are an option for some channels.
is video sharing website which users can upload, watch and share videos.
History of YouTube
Feb 14, 2005
- Founding
Oct 9, 2006
- Purchase by Google
- YouTube awards
Nov 2008
-Full length of film and TV episodes
2010 to present
- Third the most visited website
Jan 2010
- Introduced an online film rental service
Nov 2011
- Integrated directly with YouTube and the Chrome
Dec 2011
- New version of site interface
- 60 hours of new videos every minute
– Billboard and YouTube
Mar, 2013
-1 billion of unique users
Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim
Most Viewed YouTube Videos!
1. Psy, “Gangnam Style”: 1,552,071,214 views
2. Justin Bieber, “Baby” : 850,860,839 views
3. Jennifer Lopez, “On The Floor” : 664,969,961 views
4. Eminem, “Love The Way You Lie” : 555,807,205 views
5. LMFAO, “Park Rock Anthem” : 535,765,502 views
6. Charlie Bit My Finger – again!: 522,494,059 views
7. Shakira, “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”: 519,632,786 views
8. Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance”: 516,603,937 views
9. Michael Telo, “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”: 496,442,634 views
10. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe”: 446,223,829 views
YouTube celebrates Global Connection and community
1 billion users visit YouTube each month
6 billion hrs watched each month
Viral Movements
Harlem Shake
12,000 response videos
Watched 44 million times
Kony 2012
Invisible Children Organization
(APR 23, 2013)
Most Subscribed
YouTube Channels!
1. PewDiePie 14,829,389
2. YouTube Spotlight 14,598,231
3. Movies 13,568,708
4. Smosh 13,036,058
5. HolaSoyGerman 12,018,916
6. JennaMarbles 11,004,421
7. TV Shows 10,818,699
8. RihannaVEVO 10,627,444
9. nigahiga 10,549,244
10. RayWilliamJohnson 10,403,563
35 Million views
300,000 took pledge
The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.
Fund raising
1) Create a YouTube Channel

2)Apply to Google for Nonprofits

3) Enroll into YouTube nonprofit program
YouTube Partnership
Get Paid by allowing Ads to to be published on your videos
Career Opportunities
Using YouTube as a tool to build your career
Devin Supertramp
started with small projects with a no budget
Collaborates with businesses and other YouTubers
Built his career and helped others as well through YouTube

Lindsey Stirling
Dub step violinist
Told her music was unmarketable
Saw YouTube as a tool
"Crystallize" #8 most viewed on YouTube
September 2013 (over 400 million viewers, 3 million subscribers)
Nominated with Pentatonix for collaboration "Radioactive cover" YouTube Music Award
Opportunities Through YouTube
1) Enable Monetization

2) Choose Ad Format

3) Click on Monetize
Original Usages
Originally used as a video dating site called "Tune In Hook Up"
The intention was to create the very 1st video hosting site that allowed anyone to upload content
"YouTube is to video sharing what a Wal-Mart Super center is to shopping: Everything is all there all you have to do is walk in the door"- Time Magazine
Personal Usages
-Music Videos
-Video Streaming
-Random content

-News coverage
-Movements and messages that can
be spread
Company Usages
In 2006 Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion

'Game' -Emulator
Since 2013 YouTube's music video views and likes directly affect Billboard's music charts

*Can watch gaming video on Youtube
*Can watch any ep part 1/2 on Youtube
Chad Hurley created the PayPal logo that aided in financing YouTube
Copyright Issues
Talent Companies
- Studios that use YouTube to produce and create projects or conduct traditional management style
'Music/Music video'-Download
*Can Watch Music Video on Youtube
*Can download music from Youtube-mp3
Copyright Infringement
The Collective:
-Has YouTube representatives and non
digital ones
Maker Studios:
-Founded by YouTube Talent
Cloud Media:
-Day to day management for "well know" YouTube content creators
Digital Artists:
-Supports new and upcoming content producers
Homepage Advertising
YouTube has Ad Policies based on the content that is trying to be advertised.
There are mainly 3 primary uses for YouTube, which do you usually use YouTube for the most? Entertainment, Education, or Business?
Academic Aids
Adult and Sexual Content
Aids to Pass Drug Tests
Anabolic Steroids
Anti & Violence
Automated Ad Clicking

Bulk Marketing
Copyrighted Works
Counterfeit Designer Goods
Data Entry Affiliate Programs

Drugs & Drug Paraphermalia
Endangered Species
Escort Services and Adult Dating Sites
Fake Documents
Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Devices
Hacking & Cracking Sites
Inflating Ad Clicks or Impressions
Miracle Cures
Mobile Content Services
Tobacco and Cigereltes
Traffic Devices
Video Advertising
Picture/Pop up Advertising
Templates for Ads
Take in consideration for: General Ad Specs
Cannot exceed Flash Version 10
Max Frame rate 24 fps
All animation needs to stop within 30 seconds despite the number of loops
Ads can not mimic Windows or Google Products
Ads can not have "strobing' effects
Creatives with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border
Z-index for rich media ads should be set to 1 and wmode=opaque
Compatible browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 14+, Safari 5+, Chrome 2+.
The application is one of the third most used apps for smartphones in general.
YouTube makes more of its money from mobile than it does from desktop users mainly because of ad blocking software that many people don't know they can install in their phone to block ads
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