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What does a Planet Need to Support Life?

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Gwyn Fritz

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of What does a Planet Need to Support Life?

What does a Planet Need to Sustain Life?
Tectonic Plates
There needs to be tectonics plates. Every few years when the plates move, they release a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere; which warms up the outside of the planet to a degree needed to support life.
There needs to be an atmosphere for life to thrive. Out of it, there is no air to breathe and no protection from radiation.

Solar System Placement
The solar system must be in a part of the universe where it's close enough to absorb materials when a nearby star dies, and it also needs to be far enough away from hazardous radiation.
Habitable Zone
The habitable zone of a universe is where water can stay in liquid form, and it won't evaporate or freeze. The temperature in that zone is perfect for life.
Oxygen, although not always necessarily for life (like in the depths of the ocean), would be needed for land animals and for photosynthesis to happen. The element is also needed in the chemical combination of water.

Carbon is the foundation of life everywhere on Earth. So, all life most likely needs carbon to be created, on earth or off of it.
Water / Nutrients
The unique properties of Water allow it to hold up life, so it needs to be regularly available. Nutrients also are a must for life to begin and thrive in any environment.

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