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Are The Movementarians a Religious Movement?

No description

Sammie Drake

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Are The Movementarians a Religious Movement?

Are The Moventarians a Religious Movement? 1. Beliefs 2. Rituals and Practices 3. Leadership/ Social Organisation 4. Material Objects/ Clothing 5. Rites/ Expected Behaviour 6. Individual Experience/ Emotions They are an evil brainwashing cult
Run as a dictatorship by a male figure known only as 'The Leader'
Labour intensive They will live in everlasting happiness once moving to the planet Blisstonia
That the leader will give them this happiness- if they follow his orders Once they join the cult they must sign over their house and savings
They must move to the movementarian compound
They are expected to grow and harvest lima beans

Mr. Burns tries to start his own religion out of jealousy of The Leader's tax-exempt status
Bart tries to cause trouble but is outwitted
Lisa loathes The Leader and how he has affected education
Marge is the only one who resist the brainwashing- escapes the compound
The leader has a white gloved hand
Wearing long white robes
The spaceship
The simpson kids are 'deprogrammed' through material objects- being promised hover bikes
Homer is promised a beer Harvesting lima beans dusk til dawn
Worshipping The Leader

7. Sacred Texts There are no sacred texts
Only form of text present- The brochures from the beginning
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