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Business Prezi - Money-Pal Budget

Business - Money-Pal Budget

pieter calitz

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Business Prezi - Money-Pal Budget

The world does not have an online budget program which you can use in all countries and languages.
Our Indiegogo team
Johan Calitz
Pieter Calitz
Miki Jooste
Micheal Jooste
Emily Jooste
We have developed a Budget program that can work with most languages and currencies in the world
60 days

We believe we have the best solution available..
November 2013
There are a few competitors where Mint is the most serious as it is a free online solution.
The End
December 2013
Final Exclusive Money-Pal Ad Network for businesses
November 2013
Final Money-Pal Ad Network
November 2013
Final Money-Pal Budget
Starting at Indiegogo
We have 4 interfaces
Launch at Indiegogo
Lots of software
JQuery Mobile
We plan to have the options below available in the next 60 days. Most of them are already functioning
Mint is the most widely used budget program
There are currently 10-20 million users of Mint in the USA and Canada.

Intuit bought Mint in 2011 for $170 million
Pros of Mint
- Mint is an online solution which can be accessed from a browser
- Mint is Free to use
- Mint automatically connects to your bank and imports your transactions.
Cons of Mint
- It is only available in the USA and Canada
- It is only available to people who have bank accounts in those countries.
- It is only available in English
Mint was sold to Intuit in 2011 for $170 million
Mint currently has between
10 and 20 million users
Mint is the one to beat
Mint currently has the largest
user base in the world
Mint is currently the leader in the world
- Online solution only
- Available in USA and Canada only
- Available only to users with bank accounts
- Available in English only
- Available in a few currencies
- Free of charge with advertisements
Money-Pal Budget
- Online as well as desktop solution
- Available in most countries in the world
- Available to all users with/without bank accounts
- Available in 60+ languages
- Available in most currencies
- Free of charge with advertisements
- $50 without advertisements
The problem with Mint is...

Mint does not work anywhere else EXCEPT in USA and Canada
..not in Australia, Europe, South America, Asia or Africa

And then also only for people who have bank accounts..
So, if you do not have a bank account and you are in the USA or Canada and want a budget, Mint cannot do it.

- Has the best Budget available
- Easy to use
- Desktop version for most Operating
- Only available in English
- Only apps for iPhone and Android (no iPad App)
- Has to sync to stay updated
- Not online - desktop version
And the price...
Not free ($60) after 34 days
Mint's weakness
The top question on the Mint Forum which was asked more than 4 years ago is..

"Can Mint be used outside of the U.S. and Canada?"
..and this is what Mint answered...

"At this time, Mint.com only supports U.S. financial institutions. We are considering expanding outside of the U.S. at this time. "
..it is now 4 years later..
..that was 4 years ago and today Mint is still only available in the United States and Canada and still only to people who have bank accounts in those countries.

Nothing has changed in 4 years..
The problem for Mint..
For each user that Mint adds to it's service, it must add the infrastructure to support that user..
TO add 1 user..
Mint must add ..
.. Computing power..
This means Mint..
- must have a computer to store the data on..
..buildings are needed to house
the computers..
..backup systems..
..this is needed to keep backups of user data..
..and personnel..
People are needed to maintain the computers and maintain the systems
Money-Pal Budget is different..
We let users create their own personal internet cloud
Their home pc stores the Money-pal software and budget data.
..everything is available online..
Where Mint is currently available to only the USA and Canada (English only) and only to people with bank accounts in those countries, Money-Pal Budget is available in all countries in the world in 60+ languages

Most currencies of the world are also supported.
..because the user hosts his own data..
We do not need to add infrastructure for each new user.

In fact, to add a billion users would cost us virtually nothing.

..anybody can host Money-Pal Budget for free.
Money-Pal Budget can be hosted by Banks, Internet Service Providers, Financial Institutions or any other business or individual for free as we do not charge them anything to install and use the program on their servers.
The question to ask first...
Is there a market for another
online budget program?
Let's look at the facts...
Mint was acquired by Intuit Inc. in 2011 for $170 million.

To quote the founder of Mint in the press release:
"So that’s the Mint story. $0 to $170m in three years flat."
..that clearly shows..
..that there is a market for another online budget program.

What can we do better than Mint?

..another problem for Mint..
..is the fact that it uses the English language only. Mint auto-categorizes by analyzing transactions from the bank.

If the transactions are not in English, then Mint cannot interpret it correctly.

..Money-Pal Budget categorizes differently..
Money-Pal Budget uses a training algorithm which works in all languages to categorize transactions.

The user teaches the Money-Pal Budget certain rules and the next time Money-Pal Budget uses these rules to auto-categorize the transactions.
The interfaces to the program is
- A Windows Desktop Interface

- A Computer/Tablet browser interface

- A smartphone browser interface
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