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Wonder Woman

No description

biiaa b

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Wonder Woman

by: Bianca Borg
Wonder Woman's Origin
Just To Get Started!
Another Short Clip!
The Secret Origin (1978)
Strengths & Weaknesses
Enemies & Allies
Olympian God Reflected
Our Opinion
The End
Top 3 Enemies
Top 3 Allies
Diana From The Amazon
Wonder Woman
Cheetah, Circe, Aresia, Blue Ice, Blackfu, Bizarra, Bellone, Bashira, Ares, Badra, Astarte, Armageddon, Angle Man, Amoeba-man, Alkyone, and Adjudicator.
Wonder Woman's costume is based on the United States flag.
As noticed, she wears blue with white stars, and red with white.
She carries around with her the
Lasso of Truth
- that forces people to tell the truth when used.
She wears the
Bracelets of Victory
- they were created from the remains of Zeus's Aegis shield, they are indestructible.
She wears a
Royal Tiara
- it is razor sharp and acts as a boomerang, it is also magical; it can be used to injure those susceptible to magic, such as Superman.
Battle Armour
is the Amazon Battle Armour that adds protection when facing huge threats.
She wears
that give her the ability to breathe in outer space.
At one point, she was given
Hermes Sandals
to provide flight and travel between the Amazon and the United States.
Super strength
Combat Strategy
Superhuman Agility
Healing Factor
Magical Weaponry
Enhanced Sense & Divine Wisdom
Can be cut
Subject to the Lasso of Truth
When her Bracelets are bound together
Blindness - only encountered with Medusa
Birth Name & Earth Name
Princess Diana
Princess Diana of Themyscira
Princess Diana of the Amazons
Goddess of Truth
Diana the Goddess of Truth
The Amazon Princess
She grows up among the Amazons who teach her the skills of a warrior as well as the lessons of peace and love. She would be as strong as Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.
When Steve Trevor, an American pilot, crashes and lands on Paradise Island, the Amazons have a contest to determine who should receive the honor of taking him back to man's world and acting as an ambassador of all that the Amazons represent.
Diana wins this contest, and takes the role of Wonder Woman.
Princess Diana
(Wonder Woman)
was created out of clay by her mother Hippolyta and the Greek gods bestowed her with life, making her the only Amazon who was not conceived by a man.
Donna Troy, Hippolyta, Wonder Girl, Steve Trevor, Batman, Artemis (Amazon), Antiope, Super Man, Nubia, Donna Milton, Hermes, Lennox, Elta Candy, Holiday Girls and Rama Chandra
The Amazons, created by the gods and led by Athena, reflects Wonder Woman.
The Amazons were created from the souls of dead women who were murdered at the hands of men. These souls are preserved in the Womb of Gaea. All but one soul of the Amazons depart to earth and opposed by Ares, who seeks to overthrow Zeus and use force to bend mankind to his will.
The Amazons fail at their purpose by killing men in their thirst for revenge after being betrayed by Heracles, who was manipulated by Ares. Being greatly displeased, the gods banish the Amazons to Paradise Island where they have the responsibility to guard an ancient evil, as immortals. The leader of the Amazons Hippolytta was pregnant at the time of her death and longing for her unborn child. She makes a clay form of her child and prays to one of the gods responsible for the Amazon's creation, Artemis. The gods send the last remaining soul to the clay form made by Hippolytta and the clay form is transformed into a live child. The gods grant her various abilities as she grows up as Diana of Themyscria (later becoming Wonder Woman).
You never see women superheros, they are always men. So I think having a strong female superhero sends a powerful message to women that they can be as good as men.
In my opinion, I believe that having a strong female superhero that is capable to do things like Hercules, Superman etc, is exciting. Besides her beauty, Wonder Woman made a new name for herself, a new identity, and a great superhero character.
Wonder Woman has shown many different characteristics of a hero throughout various comic books.
She demonstrates her strength, bravery and intelligence which makes her a hero. Also what makes her a super hero is that she also shows qualities such as her special powers, her creative costume, her enemies, her uniqueness, her secret identity and her goals and ambitions to keep people safe.
Super Heroes also tend to have a weakness, She is very determined and earns respect by citizens and fellow heroes.
Wonder Woman is a very strong woman who fights for what is right and shows woman that they can be just as strong and stand up for justice just like men. Wonder Woman also shares the same characteristics and abilities just like male super heroes, which does not make her any different, or less capable.
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