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prajwal bajracharya

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of Copy of KIA MOTORS (NEPAL)

Benefits of Online Marketing . Objective setting and tracking Brand Building of KIA MOTORS through Online Media.
Get Customer Engagement towards KIA MOTORS through: C. Research the Online behavior of current and potential customers. Which types of websites (and specific websites possible to identify) they visit;
What social networking channels they use;
How frequently they use the internet and their social networking channels;
Which days, and times of day, they use the internet;
How they use the internet/social media;
Who they connect with on their social media channels and who the main influencers are;
If email marketing would be an effective technique to reach this audience;
Seasonal factors – what times of the year would the specific products/services best suit and how far in advance would a customer research/book/purchase/enquire? Tools we will be using for Online Campaign Content Marketing is the act of creating any form of content, whether it’s Audio, Video, or Written, to educate your customers on relevant topics about your industry, products, services, business philosophies, etc. What social media channels do they use?
When are they online in these channels?
How active are they on social networks? Would they follow/friend/connect with a large number of other businesses?
Who are your targets’ influencers on these channels?
What topics, relevant to your offerings, are of interest to your targets?
Would they be interested in competitions/games/polls?
Would they be interested in special offers, tutorials, ‘inside information’?
Would video, podcasts, images, etc. be a good way to connect with your targets?
Is there any other content that would drive the target to interact with you?
Would they be more likely to respond to a personal approach, rather than a more formal/professional approach? Social Networking Sites The Facebook fan page layout allows those admins of fan pages actually engage in Facebook activity as the name of the Facebook page instead of an individual. So, if you want to leave a comment on someones page, your business name (Facebook fan page name) will appear instead of your own. What does this mean? This means you can drive those users back to your Facebook fan page profile instead of back to your profile. facebook The benefits of a blog as a central hub of content are quite well established.
Yet another benefit of a blog is the simplicity of updates which can be made easily.
Use of blog as a point of entry for beginning a dialogue. Engage here and you’ll begin to identify the content that your audience is actually seeking.
Use blogs as a research tool to understand our audience Blogs Pay Per Click Advertising Email Marketing Which products/services are they interested in?
When do they use the internet, check their emails, have time to read newsletters?
Would they prefer emails more or less frequently?
What content would be most effective?
What style of language would be most effective?
Auto responders. Other additional Gears we will be for the online campaign Budget for online marketing (one year package cost): Rupees Nine lakhs for one year campaign The Benefits of Using Facebook Groups Send Bulk Email you can get to chat with people on Facebook who are not your friends but are part of the same group If someone posts a picture or a message on the Facebook group, you get an email notification and you can add a comment to that post by simply replying to that email message. Making an online contest for prizes is a way to generate interest and excitement Online contests Thank You We will be creating blogs about KIA MOTORS we will be creating Facebook Group on KIA MOTORS (NEPAL) We will be creating Facebook Fan pages on KIA MOTORS (NEPAL) We will be creating facebook profiles on KIA Vechicles We will be having online forums for KIA MOTORS KIA MOTORS WILL HAve A TWITTER A/C for fan following We will be linking up all the KIA MOTORS commericials on the You Tube All CSR Activities initiated by KIA MOTORS will be updated in guthi.com KIA MOTORS will have online surveys Article Marketing Research : Twitter apps for KIA MOTORS Email Discussion Groups in Yahoo groups Develop Facebook applications for KIA MOTORS 1.Customer Involvement. (web site visits, time spent, pages viewed)
2.Customer Interaction. (comments to blogs, quantity/frequency of written reviews, and online comments )
3. Customer Intimacy.
4.Customer Influence (recommendation, brand affinity, content forwarded to friends, etc.) Customization of advertisements. Not limited by geography or time Presents: Online Marketing Campaign Digital Story on Peter Schreyer We will be using Pay Per Click Advertising in the Facebook Page as it has the major reach in the Nepalese context. for: Online interviews Budget Break Down: 1. Content Marketing Rs. 4,00,000
2. Social media Marketing Rs. 2,00,000
3. Creatives for online Media Rs. 1,00,000
4. Facebook PPC Advert Rs. 1,00,000
5. Gifts for Online Contests Rs. 50,000
6. Research Rs. 50,000 Immediate publishing of information and content Interactive Advertising. Efficiency of investment. Testimonials We will be developing an email newsletter to communicate with prospects and others interested in our content. The content we create for your email newsletter can be a jumping off point to create interesting blog posts, which can then include surveys or interactive content to transform a single piece of content into a discussion between us and our audience. In concert with other tools, it facilitates a continual cycle of engagement with our audience. E -Newsletters Facebook- For networking of current and potential customers Twitter- For updates and fan follow of KIA MOTORS Flicker- For pictures on events of Kia MOTORS Wikipedia - For detail info on KIA MOTORS NEPAL Blogger- For news and articles on KIA MOTORS Youtube- For online Videos of KIA MOTORS Guthidotcom- For CSR activities of KIA MOTORS Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising Email Marketing Online contests E Newsletters Article Marketing Monitoring and Tracking Online Marketing The final step is to monitor and track the performance of a campaign to know how it is performing photography on all KIA EVENTS Testimonials are a wonderful way to market a product. They give you credibility—a third-party endorsement. It is no longer you alone saying that you and your company and products or services are phenomenal—it is someone else saying that they are phenomenal! Flickr is currently the fastest-growing photo sharing site on the web, and the 5th most popular overall. Redesign:
kia.com.np we need to redesign kia.com.np the official site of KIA MOTORS (Nepal) and link it up with the KIA global site. The Process: Increase our Sales Conversion

Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors

Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases Research : Results:
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