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Discovering Wes Moore

No description

Grace Taylor

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Discovering Wes Moore

Discovering Wes Moore
Character Development Storyboard
Wes Moore the Author
By: Grace Taylor
Move to the Bronx
Character Trait Before: Shocked Event Description 6: Wes wrote a letter to the other Wes Moore not expecting a reply, but then they kept writing and ending up meeting. Character Trait After: Understanding Quote 6: "I was also distracted. Somehow I was still thinking of the story I'd first heard from my mother, about the young man who was the same age as me, from the same streets, with the same name. Wes Moore"(113).
Almost Arrest
Character Trait Before: Carefree Event Description 3: Wes was doing graffiti and the cops saw him but let him off with a warning. Character Trait After: Remorseful Quote 3:"'You wanna tag?'......I couldn't say no. Plus, I loved throwing my name up on a wall. It felt like splashing in the shallow end of the criminal pool"(48-49).
Valley Forge
Character Trait Before: Lonely Event Description 4:Wes went to military school and had a realization. Character Trait After: Excited Quote 4: "When she dropped me off the first day, I had my "screw the world" face on, ready for battle-but inside I was bewildered. I felt betrayed. And I felt more alone than ever"(60).
South Africa
Character Trait Before: Interested Event Description 5: Wes went to South Africa to learn about the culture and language. At the end of his trip he learned about the other Wes. Character Trait After: Shocked Quote 5: "This was fascinating to me"(98).
Wes's Dad's Death
Character Trait Before: Confident Event Description 1: Wes's dad's flap in his throat got paralyzed so he couldn't breath and suffocated. Character Trait After: Confused
Quote 1: "On tiptoes, I peeked in to the casket and asked, 'Daddy are you going to come with us'"(17)?
Discovering Wes Moore
Character Trait Before: Confused. Event Description 2: Then, Wes, his mother, and sisters moved in with their grandparents in the Bronx. Character Trait After: Lonely Quote 2: "I missed my friends, my familiar neighborhood, even my tiny bed room"(24).
Meeting Wes
Event One
Event Two
Event Three
Event Four
Event Five
Event Six
Theme: Wes grew a lot through the choices he made.
Change: He changed from this theme because he remembered the choices he made in his life and that knowledge helped him grow.
Wes Moore
Sources: www.google.com
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