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Week 8, Lecture 2 - Fluency 2

No description

Megan Brown

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 8, Lecture 2 - Fluency 2

Next Class:
Read GJG Chapter 7
Read through your book that you brought
(even if you have already read it before)
What is Fluency?
Group Read-Aloud Practice
Share your book and practice reading a page
(Don't worry about the comprehension piece right now)
Time to Practice
Fluency as a model
The ability to read
, with
attention to punctuation
What did you find the most interesting about the Fisher article?
How does this apply to you as a teacher?
7 Components of an Effective Read-Aloud
Books are appropriate for students
Texts are previewed and practiced
Purpose for the read-aloud is shared
Teachers "modeled fluent oral reading when they read the text"
Reading was "animated and used expression"
Questions were asked during the reading
Connections were made
(Fisher, Flood, Lapp, & Frey, 2004)
Coming up...
Case Study Paper
Keep filling in your chart and revise
Finish your running record forms
Start writing your paper (due April 13)
Word Recognition (March 7)
Vocabulary (March 21)
Comprehension (March 30)
No Class (March 9?)
Intro and Questions
Preview Upcoming Work
Locomotion "Discussion"
Book Promo
Teacher Fluency
Preview Next Week's Work
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