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First Day at school。@Recognize~

E.Lam KO

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Self-Introduction

W.H.O Am I ? I Am ? University Life H Q & A How about... Offer Help Expectation in Ms.Lynn's Class Univeristy Life TCSL for
Teaching CHINESE as a Second Language WHY Teacher? of learning Chinese!
What's your NAME?
Where are you from?

Why do you want to learn Chinese?
________________________________? Listen carefully and follow directions.
Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
Use Chinese as much as possible.
No IPad or IPod or any Smart Phone in using unless request.
Please raise your hand before you speak or ask questions. Call out is not welcoming.
Respect the assignment and Deadline.
Any suggestion or feedback is welcomed after class. =) Who Ms. Lynn 6 Languages TCSL Global Volunteer Trainer VP Shenzhen University Senior Vice-Precident of Talent Development
Belif: Everyone has his own talent and impact.
Everyone can be developed. =) eart The Passion from of understanding Chinese Culture You? Busy life! Internships Association
Activities Conferences Exchange College / QSI International sport Event
Inter Cultural Education@HK. to get progress in Chinese Try your best to introduce yourself in Chinese!
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