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Expert System

No description

Amjaad Al-mutiri

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Expert System

What is Expert System
Let's Play
We make Genie that know the stuff of our college and students (Sure not all )

To have fun with your family and friends.
we will explain how you can make a simple genie like akinator based on your characters.
Let's Make Our Genie
How to be Genie
The Web Genius, is an internet game based on Twenty Questions that can determine which character the player is thinking of by asking him or her a series of questions. It is an Artificial Intelligence program that can find and learn the best questions to be asked to the player.
- Artificial intelligence based system that converts the knowledge of an expert in specific subject into a software code.
Artificial Intelligence.
Expert System.
How to be Genie.
Decision Tree Learning
Make your own Genie
Expert System
- Is a development in computer science to enable them to perform human enabled tasks.
What is Artificial Intelligence
Expert System Architecture
First, open the program.
ES-Builder 3
Marvin Minsky
is an American cognitive scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the co-founder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AI laboratory, and author of several texts on AI and philosophy. He has made many contributions to the field of AI ever since he got introduced to it. He has made studies in the fields of cognitive psychology, mathematics, computer linguistics, robotics and optics.
let's Play
Think of a character ...

Keep it in your mind ..
Like PeterAnswer, Akinator and other Genie
It's a step by step procedure for a calculation,
data processing and automated reasoning .
Algorithm is originated from person's name (Al-Khwarizmi), who was a famous Persian mathematician
Decision Tree Learning
I s a method used to create a prediction of a certain problem based on several input information
Akinator has a large database that store all characteristic and questions he ask
Types of questions
probably not
i do not know
Based on your answer, program determines the best question to ask next and eventually gives a guess as to who the player is thinking of.
The exact algorithm akinator uses is kept a secret, we can guess that a decision tree is built based on the character entries in the database.
And several searches are performed in this tree.
Reducing the Search Cost in Binary Decision Trees
The first question is not always the same , but some kind of questions like "Is this person real?" or"Is this person a man?" would divide the search space very efficiently.
(A) Attribute .. (Question )
(V) Value ..(Answer)
(C) Conclusion ..
After you fill your program with attributes and values
you can publish it to HTML .
Home page of your program
Built-in exporting functions include the flexibility to create a web pages for :
Searching the expert system.
Displaying the Knowledge Base.
Displaying the Decision Tree.
Displaying the full Decision Table.
Listing the attribute and values.
Specifying the ES documentation.
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