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Nervous and Integumentary System

No description

Avha Mohanty

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Nervous and Integumentary System

Nervous and Integumentary System
Functions of Integumentary System
Main Parts of Integumentary System
exocrine glands
Functions of Nervous System
regulates and coordinates body activities (sends messages to and from the brain)
2 systems:
Main Parts of Nervous System
sensory organs of taste
Sensory organs of smell
sensory receptors in the skin, joints, muscles and other parts of the body
Central Nervous System
consisting of brain an spinal cord
Peripheral Nervous System
consisting of all nerve elements throughout the body
One of the disorders of the nervous system is tumors in and around the brain ( a tumor is a swelling part of the body usually caused by abnormal growth of tissue).
One way to treat a tumor is craniotomy. Craniotomy is surgery the removes a section of the bone temporarily so the brain is exposed. Then a 3D x-ray is taken to locate the abnormal tissue which is then treated
A disorder of the integumentary system is skin cancer, uncontrollable growth of cancer cells. A way to treat skin cancer is Mohs Mirographic surgery. The physician removes the tumor with a thin layer of tissue around it.
School House Rock, Telegram Line
QR Code
Work Cited
Have you ever hit your funny bone? That weird feeling you get is the pinching of a nerve. Your funny bone is part of your peripheral nervous system. Create a bookmark with a slogan and a picture about what kind of messages you think your funny bone sends to your brain. It must have a slogan, a picture (that has at least 4 colors), and it must be neat.
skin protects body
hair and nails extend from skin to reinforce skin and protect it from damage
Technology effecting the nervous system
Technology effecting the integumentary system
by Joelle Benjamin and Avha Mohanty
The nervous system controls the inteugmentary system, the integumentary system protects the nervous system.
the nervous system regulates peripheral blood flow to sweat glands (in the integumentary system)
nerves control muscles connected to hair follicles
when you are too hot or cold, your brain (nervous system) sends vibrations to your skin (integumentary system)
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