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Journey to the Top: Campain Trail 2004

No description

Anna Jurkowski

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Journey to the Top: Campain Trail 2004

Journey to the Top: Campain Trail 2004
Thank you!
Summer: Background
Name: Summer Wheatly
Year: Junior
Status: Popular
Demeanor: Rude
Campaign Slogan: "With me, it will be summer all year long."
Can ignore gym class obligations in favor of conversations.
Did not go to the dance with Pedro.
Background: Pedro
Name: Pedro Sanchez
Year: Junior
Status: Immigrant
Demeanor: Passive
Campaign Slogan: "Vote
for me, and
all of your
will come
Campaign Tactics: Summer
Pedro's first day
Pedro asked Summer to the school dance with a cake.
He's an active member of the Dairy Club.
Campaign Tactics: Pedro
Pedro's Extra Kick
Positive Tweets from Candidate Wheatly
Positive Tweets from Candidate Sanchez
Negative Tweets from Candidate Wheatly
Negative Tweets from Candidate Sanchez
Napoleon Dynamite, directed by Jarod Hess
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