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No description

Patrick Iglesias

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of cow

The first cattle in America arrived at Jamestown Colony in 1611 and at Plymouth Colony in 1624.
The average mature domestic cow in the United States weighs about 1,000-1,400 pounds. The average mature domestic bull in the U.S. weighs approximately 2,700 pounds or about as much as a VW Beetle.
Types of Cattle
Holstines are the most popluar dairy cow.
By : Patrick R. Iglesias
Almost every family had a cow until the 1850's when the first regular shipment of milk by railroad began from Orange County, Florida to New york city.
History of Cattle in America
kids corner facts . com
done by Patrick a cow lover
Animal Information
The average bull or cow drinks about 25-35 gallons of water a day, that is about a bathtub full.
The record production of milk in a year is 55,660 pounds from one cow.
Cattle Produce
Cows produce milk but milk can be changed into cream, cheese or even better, cream cheese and many other products. We also use cattle for beef, leather and many other things too.
So if you think about it cows are responsible for a lot of your meals.
Brahman are ideal cattle for Texan farmers because they are tough but they don't look nice.
google images
Some people refer to all cattle as cows but really only females are called "cows" and males are called "bulls" or "steer".
Cattle eat grass mainly but they can eat cow feed too.
There are over 1.3 billion domesticated cattle in the world today.

The U.S. is 4th in cattle population with almost 100 million, while India at #1 has over 280 million, Brazil at #2 has almost 190 million, and China at #3 has around 140 million.
Many people think that cattle have 4 or 7 stomachs but they only have one with 4 compartments
angus are cattle that are prouduced for meat.
Luna the leaping cow
In 1856, Gail Borden, a delegate at the Texas Convention of 1833, invented condensed milk after three years of applying and refining his model.
Texas is famous for the longhorn
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