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Lewis and Clark

No description

bruce goodwin

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark was hopping to open a new lands for the ''White'' settlement.
Thank you!
Lewis and Clark's ship

Lewis and Clark
Lewis was born in 1774 in Virginia, Clark was born in 1770 in Virginia.
Lewis and Clark
IB:where in place and time
Lewis and Clark
An American explore
By: Ruth
Sacajawea helped Lewis and Clark explore, At age 20 Lewis joined the army. Lewis and Clark chose men that knew how to live in the wild so that they will live.
The goal for the expedition was to explore the Territory that the united states had just purchased. The first information is between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean.
IB where in place and time, Lewis and Clark american explorer by: Ruth.
Lewis and Clark
Jefferson made another offer to lead an expedition into the lands west of the Mississippi River. and he asked Lewis to gather information about the plants, animals and people.
Lewis and Clark was hopping to open a new lands for the other men, They both wanted to met more men and to get more men.
Early life
There strategy was to give the same message to each tribe, there message was that they will have the same message.
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