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BEST - WHMIS Unit 1 - An Introduction

This unit will introduce you to the principles of WHMIS and what it means. This is your Introduction to WHMIS

John Vanderwyst

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of BEST - WHMIS Unit 1 - An Introduction

An Introduction to WHMIS WHMIS Deals only with products used in the workplace Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Dangerous products that may cause fires, explosions, or health problems Provides information about hazardous materials Background Nationwide system implemented at the federal and provincial levels in 1988

Recognizing the interests of all concerned

Three Key Columns Government (regulators)
Industry (suppliers)
Labour (workers) Labels
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Worker Education and Training WHMIS Legislation Manufacturer / Supplier Responsibilities Federal Hazardous Products Act / Controlled Products Regulations / Hazardous Material
Information Review Act Material Safety Data Sheets / Supplier Labels Workplace / Employer Responsibilities Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Educations and Training Workplace Labels 3 Basic Elements of WHMIS 1. Labels 2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 3. Worker Education and Training Participants Suppliers Classify all controlled products
Supply proper labels and MSDS
Keep information on labels and MSDS current Employers Educate and train workers
Provide safe work procedures
Ensure availability of proper up-to-date labels and MSDS Workers Understand content and significance of labels and MSDS
Follow safe work procedures
Notify employees about problems with labels and MSDS
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