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Andrew Nerland

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of SoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoupSoup

Arguably Male ANDREW "SOUP"<3 13 YEARS
(I couldn't put 269 years...) Pisces (teehee) BACON WRAPPED HOT DOGS Quagmire And Stewie Lunch/Study Hall SouP Family Guy According to the quiz my favorite color is... Blue-Violet?

DENTISTRY YEAH! People that like chowder more than soup just to seem cool (joey)... teehee My Framed Kenneth Faried Picture<333 PET PEEVE: When my Mommy makes me build a robot for her... ESFP

YUUUP If I were president I would boost
employment by making soup factories.
Soup for everybody.... My headstone:
SoupSoupSoupSoupSoup etc... 3 questions I ask people:

What are your feelings on chubby monkeys?
My answer: They are fluffy
Have you ever drank soup with Ayum?
My answer: Every other Thursday.
Do you <3 chubby orangutangs?
My answer: Cheese. Me eating soup Man hes attractive Pisces
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