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Battle Of The Sneakiest!!

No description

Jazmine Guess

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Battle Of The Sneakiest!!

Battle of the Sneakiest! He Caught My Eye " I was only five but I
knew I was in love" Everyday he would give me
tap and I knew he was the
one for me. Cheyenne loves
Jayden. Nine Long Years Later... HI im Cheyenne Im in tenth grade and im still afraid to tell Jayden
how i feel for him. Jayden AKA
"Mocha Chocolate" my pet name
for Jayden is
"Mocha Chocolate"
but he doesn't know
it yet..lol I have decided to tell him
how i feel in spanish class. Meet Franchesca Im the foreign exchange
student from scandenavia Im the girl who
wants to steal jayden
from cheyenne "You're going to have
to fight me for him The War Begins... Im cheyenne and I will
not let that other girl
steal Jayden from under
my nose. So I decided to pull
out my secret weapon:
My famous chocolate on
chocolate cup cakes. Jayden was pleased
with my cup cakes and all
jayden's attention was on me
and frachesca was clearly jealous. Group switcheroo ugh.. chemistry class will be fun since we are doing a group project.Unfortunately Franchesca is in the same class with us but she is in the same group with me and not with Jayden. my plan is to switch myself to Jayden's group, so that I can flirt with him and make him mine I went to my
teachers desk
and erased my name
off my group list
and changed it to
jayden's group. Franchesca thinks she
has won because she
pulled a little stunt
but the war is not over. The Party Goes On... So to get back on top of my game I decided to throw a party and invite Jayden and ofcourse I didn't invite Franchesca. I was very glamorous,
I had my new dress and
shoes on. Me and Jayden were really clicking, we talked for hours about our life, family and dreams. Franchesca crashes my party
wearing the same exact dress
as me but looking better in.
May I add that i was very
embarrassed. Who wore the dress better? The Horrible
Home Coming So franchesca asks Jayden to
home coming before I could, now
im going alone. I watched them the whole night dancing hand in hand like a real couple. My heart was truley
broken in half because
im suppose to be the one
in his arms. Franchesca tells me to give up
becaue the best woman has won
already. Time To Grow Up.... Im tired of fighting
with this girl over a guy
who doesn't even know how i
feel for him Time to grow up... I pulled
Jayden to the side at prom and
finally told him that I was in love
with him. His reply was.."About time" and
we live happily ever after.
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