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David Suzuki

A PowerPoint on David Suzuki's contributions to the world. This is for my Civics course, CHV2O-11.

Helen Tran

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of David Suzuki

David Suzuki's
Life & Contributions

Effects on His Actions
David had many long lasting effects on Canada through his actions. David the recipient of the Order of Canada, first as an officer (in 1979), then upgraded to Companion status in 2006 recently. He was nominated as one of the top 10 "Greatest Canadians" and ranked as 5. In 2007, David was the receiver of the International Human Rights Award. It is say, David's actions is shown through his works and awards!
Is David a global citizen?
I think Dr. Suzuki is a great global citizen. He
travels the world to spread his message on climate change, and how to save our environment. A "global citizen" is someone who contributes to the community and to the world, and also take responsibility for their actions. He contributes to the world by helping to save the environment through many acts. He is someone who wants to give back/contribute to the world and keep our world in a good and healthy shape. David even provided ideas (on his website), to how you (at home) can help save the world!

By: Helen Nguyen Tran
Do You Know Him?
David Suzuki
Birth Date:
March 24th, 1936.
He has a
twin sister
(Marcia), as well as
two other siblings
(Geraldine and Dawn), born to
Setsu Nakamura and Kaoru Carr Suzuki
. He also has a
Bachelor's of Arts degree in Biology
(in 1958) at
Amherst College in Massachusetts
, with also a
Ph. D. in Zoology
from the
University of Chicago
(1961). His profession before his retirement was a
professor in the "genetics" department at the University of British

, starting in 1963. His
broadcasting career
started in

when he did a
weekly children's show "Suzuki on Science"
, he also
founded & created
a radio
program called
"Quirks and Quarks"
. To an older
audience, he hosted in a

"Science Magazine"
Influencing the World...
David Suzuki was a spokesperson talking about global climate change (aka global warming). He even make an effort to students like me to stand up against politicians who fail to protect our world from climate change. On his website (David Suzuki's Foundation) has a statement that says, "The debate is over about whether or not climate change is real. Irrefutable evidence from around the world- including extreme weather events, record temperatures, retreating glaciers, and rising sea levels - all point to the fact climate change change is happening now and at rates much faster than previously thought." With this, he spreads his message on global climate changes, and is recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology. He's a role model for us to look up to and see the changes before worst scenarios may happen.

Co-founder of the David
Suzuki Foundation
David did many things to make a difference in Canada, such as warning everybody on the West Coast that "Salmon Farming" is a bad idea in open newts, it could have an effect on the wild populations. He also is making a difference by giving us awareness about how much of an impact we are having/making on our environment/eco-systems. He too himself is doing so by not traveling overseas anymore, this is to show to reduce our carbon footprint. To me, he has made such a difference in Canada and around the world! He even created/founded a foundation and continued to give lectures/presentations across Canada. To kids, he spread his message though television, ads, etc. to help kids understand the importance of it also.
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