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Wedding Project!!!

No description

ashlei ehrlich

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Wedding Project!!!

Ashlei Lewis and
Zachary Williamson
My Wedding
The Wedding Party
Best Man
The Ceremony
The ceremony will be held at
Faith United Church of Christ
Grooms Wedding Ring: $337
Purchased at Mark Schneider Design Online.
Brides Engagement Ring: $2141 purchased at Mark Schneider Design Online.
Brides Wedding Ring: $337 Purchased at Mark Schneider Design Online.
Ashlei Lewis -Ehrlich is excited to announce her engagement with new fiance Zach Williamson. Ashlei is the Daughter of Rick and Betty Jo Ehrlich.
Michael Litkei
Maid of Honor
Kaylei Lewis
-Skylar Thomas
-John Ehrlich
-Tommy Lane
-Kyle Haste
-Rachel Tanner
-Ashley Marcellio
-Maddie Williamson
-Katelynn Dean
Ring Bearer:
Joey Beamen
Flower girls:
RickeJo Ehrlich
Arial Litkei
Wedding Introduction
Date of wedding: October 22nd 2019
Wedding plans for
Ashlei Lewis and Zach Williamson
Wedding location:
Faith United Church of
Christ in Windsor
Grooms age: 26
Brides age: 24
Grooms Occupation:
Brides Occupation:
Police Officer
Wedding Officiant:
Reverend Eldon Schmidt
Reception location: Kathy Noel House
Trenton Wechler
Logan Wechler
Christian Kalowski
Kyle Remus
Guest Book:
Neveah Remus
Hunter Remus
My Bridal Gown
Wedding dress cost:
$595.90 at WeddingBee
Wedding Shoes cost:
Dress is payed for
by Brides Grandpa and
Bridesmaids Dress
Flower Girl Dress
Brides Mother Dress
Grooms Mother Dress
Bride will pay for
these dresses at
$89.00 each
Flower Girls mothers will
pay for these at $72.00 each
Brides mother will pay
for her own dress at $105.00
Grooms mother will
pay for her dress at $60.00
Grooms suit:
He will rent the tux
and buy the tie and
vest for $153.00
Groomsmen suits. The suits will be rented and the tie and boutonniere will be bought by groom and bride for $130.00 each
Ring Bearer outfit:
Bought by his parents for $90.00
Father of the Grooms suit:
He will rent. He will buy the tie for $123.00
Father of the Brides suite:
He will pay for the tie and rent the suit for $125.00
It will be 5:00 pm
We will do a sand ceremony and take turns pouring the colors orange and grey sand into the heart shaped jars
These Pew
bows will
be placed in
the aisle way
on each pew
along with orange and white tool
strung along the ceiling and aisle.
Wedding Invitations
150 invitations ordered in a packaged deal
with thank you cards and response cards for
Total cost of postage $20.00 for 8 sheets of 20
Brides Bouquet...$24.85
paid for by the Groom
Bridal bouquets...$13.00 paid for by the brides family
Grooms flower...$6.00
paid for by the bride
Centerpiece for reception
$240 for 18 paid for by bride
Groomsmen flower
$6.00 each paid by bride
I will hire Andrew Stephans
to do my wedding pictures.
The total cost will be
$1514.00 with a package
deal. Paid for by both
bride and groom.
Bridesmaids gifts: Bought by the bride
and groom for $75.00 for 5
Groomsmen gifts: bought by the bride and the groom for $80.00 for 5
Mother of the brides gift:
bought by both bride and groom for $75.00
Mother of the grooms gift: bought by both bride and groom for $50.00
Father of the grooms gift: bought by both bride and groom for $30.00
Father of the brides gift: bought by both bride and groom for $68.00
Pictures I want included??
Me walking down isle
All wedding party walking down the isle
Groom waiting at the alter
Mother of groom and bride crying
Bride and groom united at alter
Bride and groom doing sand ceremony
Bride and grooms first kiss
Bride and groom leaving alter together
Bride and grooms first dance
Mother son dance
Father daughter dance
Cutting of the cake
Random pictures of the reception decorations
Pictures of the guests
Pictures of the bride and groom smiling at each other
Pictures of bride and bridesmaids
Pictures of bride and brides family with groom
Pictures of the groomsmen and groom
Pictures with groom and grooms family with bride
The reception will be held at
Kathy Noel's house, a family friend with
a huge house complete with a pool, and a parlor big enough for the guest list. She will be letting
us use her house for free.
Centerpiece for all tables,
price included in flowers
Table clothes for all 18 tables
$9.00 each paid for by bride.
Lights to go around the room Tool and Christmas lights total spent $75.00
The room will be set up with tables all around the parlor, spaced out. Each table will seat 8 people. The groom and bride will have a long table at the front of the room with parents and the bridesmaids and groomsmen will have
their own table. There will be a dance area
left with the DJ in the front of the
Chicken Spiedini
Carved Prime Rib.
Soy Ginger Glazed Chicken Satay
Blackened Tuna Sashimi
Pork Roulade with a Tellicherry Glaze
Ginger Marmalade Chicken
Parmesan Crusted Filet Mignon
Salmon Newport
*Catering provided by Plaza Catering*
The total cost is $3,000 for 150 people
Music provided by DJ Cody Potts. He will only charge us $100.00 for 3-4 hours
Its Your Love-Tim McGraw, A Mothers Love-Kem, He Didn't Have To Be-Brad Paisley, You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker, You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
You Send Me – Sam Cooke, You’re Still The One – Shania Twain, You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor, Your Smiling Face – James Taylor, Saving All My Love For You – Whitney Houston, Sea of Love – Honey Drippers, Someone Like You – Van Morrison, Something About The Way You Look Tonight – Elton John, Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
The tables will be set up like this
The cake table will be set up like this to match the light theme for the reception. The red in this picture will be replaced for grey and orange. Only one cake will be on the table and small plates will also be set on the table.
This cake will be bought by the bride for $250.00
Rehearsal Lunch
Simply BBQ...
Kathy Noel's Back yard
October 19th 2019
12:00 pm
The couples dad's are going to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts. All the BBQ necessities will be provided. We will make it fun by having guests bring a dessert. Like a dessert pot luck.
About 25 guests.
$150.00 paid for by the groom.
Cake cutter set
$25.00 paid for
by the bride
Something blue
garter $3.00 paid for by the bride
Toasting glasses
$30.00 dollars paid for
by the groom
Wedding photo book $15.00 paid for by the bride
Guest book $25.00 paid for by the bride
Steak brander personalized for the groom from bride. $45.00
Hair piece for the bride from the groom. $60.00
Gift Registry
Bed Bath and Beyond
Places I registered
Cordials stemware
Oneida Stainless
flatware $180.00
White with silver
dinnerware $428.00
We plan to open our gifts at home the day
after the wedding on Oct. 23rd in the morning
by ourselves.
150 thank you cards ordered
Total price of thank you cards are included in the invitation package which was $435.00 the total cost of postage is $20.00
Cards will be sent two weeks after the wedding
Thank you so much for the (insert gift name)! We will think of you every time we use it, and how much you mean to the both of us.
Also, thank you so much for joining us on our special day, your presence made it that much more lovely.
Yours Truly,
The Williamsons
Bridal Shower!!
When? October 19th 2019
Time? 6:00 pm to whenever the party ends!
Where/what? We will go to my house to get dressed up and looking good, then we will go dinner at Bissettis. After that we will get manicures and pedicures at My ManPed, then we will hit a club. When the night is over we will have a sleep over like we were young teens again and sleep in the next day
Invited? All bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law, Kasey Benish, Alex Hyland, Jessica Ullom, Shayla Zarlengo
Brides parents
Grooms parents
Brides Dress
At the Ceremony
Dad Walks Down Isle
Receive Gifts
Decorate for Reception
Help pay for:
Reception Catering
Reception Music
Mom goes to bridal shower and helps pay
Be at the Ceremony
Decorate for Reception
Receive Gifts
Help pay for:
Rehearsal Dinner
Honey moon
Dad goes to Bachelor party and helps pay
Clean up
Wedding Ceremony: After the wedding the church cleaning crew will do this
Reception: Kathys hired help will clean up the next morning
Honey Moon
Where? Fiji
Length? 12 Nights
When? Oct. 24th - Nov. 5th 2019
Cost? $3879.00 paid for by groom
Nevada, Las Vegas
3 bedroom
2 bath
First Home
Total: $17,787
Groom paid: $7624.66
Bride paid: $9,362.34
Goergetta and Scott Lindscott
Stacy and Robert Marcillio and kids
Stephanie and Charlie Knob
Millie Alltergott
Fred and Susan Evansen
Linda and Pat Burton
Kathy Noel
Kasey Benish and family
Alex Hyland and family
Jessica Ullom and family
Sam Westra and family
Adam Kadlub and family
Colten Larsen and family
Alex Richards and family
Jenna Bruntz and family

Norma and Warren Ehrlich
Tammy and Randy Knob
Jimmy Ehrlich
Dusty Ehrlich and kids
Crystal and Russ Ehrlich and kids
Nikki and Joel Beamen and kids
Jeanie and Dennis Wietzel
Wedding List
*Grooms list added
Gifts for each other
Full transcript