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Erika Kieffer

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Erika Kieffer

What I learned about stocks... Pacific Sunwear Wet Seal Pacific Sunwear sells clothes, shoes, and accessories for teens The headquaters is in Anahiem, California The company was started in 1980 as a little surf shop but the first Pac Sun shop in the mall in 1981 Pac Sun has 3,500 employees There are more than 927 stores in 50 states Tom Moore started gis first shop catering surfers in 1980 More than $1 million in sales in 1982 it sells popular brands like Dc and Vans Erika Kieffer
Period 5 :D :D :D

This company sells clothes and accessories designed for female custumors
:D :D :D :D Invest in a good company not necessarily an expensive one but a good one. I got overall with two companies over $6000. The CEO of this company is Ed Thomas The headqueaters of Wet Seal is Foothill, California This company was satrted in 1962 by Lorne Huycke There are 1,851 employees at wet Seal There are 428 stores in 48 states and Puerto Rico Opened in late 1962 as a sunwear retailer The first name of the company was "Lorne" Launched Arden B. brand in 1998 Got the name "wet seal" because Lorne thought that one of the models on a runway in a swimsuit looked like a "wet seal" :D I profited $2,205.68 I profited $2,789.62 What I would change about the the project would be to let the students pick companies no matter how people are doing it.It works better because they will actually enjoy it. Some advice about investing is that choose a good company and be smart about spending your money.
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