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Religion's impacts on the cultural landscape

A visual look at how religion is manifested on the cultural landscape.

Scott Walker

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Religion's impacts on the cultural landscape

Religion on the
Cultural Landscape Provide a sense of place and identity;
they map our relationship with the
land over time.

There are four primary types of
cultural landscapes. Cultural Landscapes A landscape that was consciously designed or laid out by a landscape architect, master gardener, architect or horticulturist according to design principles or an amateur gardener working in a recognized style or tradition.
Designed Landscape Vernacular Landscape A landscape that evolved through use by the people whose activities or occupancy shaped that landscape. Through social or cultural attitudes of an individual, family or a community, the landscape reflects the physical and cultural character of those everyday lives. Historic Landscape A landscape significant for
its association with a historic
event, activity or person. Ethnographic Landscape A landscape containing a variety of natural and cultural resources that the associated people define as heritage resources. Religious Buildings Can dominate the landscape... ...or blend in... ...they can be compared to one another...
(these are all Buddhist temples) Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam San Antonio ...they can be differentiated... Catholic Church, Vietnam Mosque, Vietnam Buddhist Temple, Austin Hindu Temple, Austin ...both of these are Catholic Catholic Church, Colatlan, MX Catholic Church, Xico, Mexico Religious impacts on the landscape can also be found
in statues and art. And, in other public forms. Or, prayer flags... Or, alters... Another obvious place is a cemetery. Or, simply clothing hung out to dry. Map and look for patterns... For this assignment compare/contrast... Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Mexico Puerto Rico Wales Procesión de Santa
María Magdalena,
Mexico Crosses on door jamb,
Mexico Poster for a fiesta in
honor of Sta. Mary Magdalena,
Mexico Dechen Chöling,
France Terlingua, Texas Náhua alter to Apanchanej,
Colatlan, Mexico Buddhist alter, Phu Quoc,
Vietnam Cambodian refugee Buddhist monk robes,
An Giang Province, Vietnam Vietnam Mexico Take Photos or sketch First Methodist Church, San Marcos, TX Write your findings
and conclusion(s) Use outside resources
Treat this like a research paper St. Emilion, France Xico, Mexico Chau Doc, Vietnam Versailles, France Iglesia de San José, Xalapa, Mexico
built in 1535 12,000 year old
Seminole Canyon
State Park, TX Vietnam Oahu, HI
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