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Clash of Clans Cell Analogy

No description

Marc Ney

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Clash of Clans Cell Analogy

Clash of Clans Cell Analogy
Rough ER/Labratory
The laboratory is related in the production of troops. The laboratory is connected with the barracks so that it can monitor and modify the production of the troops. Not only does it connect to the barracks,it also acts to send the troops to the army camp.
Golgi Apparatus/Army Camp
Vacuoles/Clan Castle
The Clan Castle has a simple role as a storage unit in a village. As a village is attacked, materials and goods brought in by the invaders can be kept here. Vise versa, any materials, products, or goods waiting to leave the village can be stored here as well. Even troops may be be sent here from army camps if necessary. It is simply a storage of excess or new materials.
Nucleus/ Town Hall
Nucleolus/Chest in Town Hall
Nuclear Envelope and Pores/Walls and Doors of Town Hall
Smooth ER/Battle Path
Peroxisomes/Gold Storage
Centrioles/Spring Traps
Cell Membrane/Forest Boundary
Microvilli/Rocks, Stumps, and Trees
The main focus of a Clash of Clans Village is to produce troops for battle. The Town Hall functions as the head of the village. Each village needs a Town Hall to function. The Town Hall works to keeps order of village duties. Specific information about the village and its functions is kept here.
Inside of the Town Hall, a special chest can be found. This chest holds the information necessary for the Barracks to function. The Barracks are where troops are produced and trained. Therefore, in this chest are instructions used for and by the Barracks to produce troops.
The Town Hall itself is made up of four walls and two doors. The walls are double brick layers encasing and protecting the inside of the hall. Of course, the chest can be found inside surrounded by the walls. The doors are openings in the thick layered walls. Instructions and information from the chest can be taken through the doors. The walls allow for the town hall to function within itself, and the doors allow for information and commands to be carried outside in the village.
Power and energy are absolutely crucial to the village. The village's main source of energy comes from elixir. Elixir can, in some circumstances, determine the overall growth of the village. Elixir is also related in the production of troops. Some villages can require more elixir storages than others.
After being produced and trained in the barracks, the troops eventually make their way to the army camp. The army camp plays a crucial role in giving orders to the troops. It organizes the troops and gives them specific tasks or objectives. It can preform any last minute modifications to the troops as well. It then sends the troops into battle or to preform other tasks within the village.
Rocks, stumps,and trees allow for an increase in the village boundary. At the same time, they prevent too much space between the different structures in the village. In some cases, they help bring in materials and goods from attacking clans. They can also help a villages troops leave the village. Although they have limited specific functions, they do aid in other processes of the village.
The barracks are what produce and train the troops in every Clash of Clans village. The barracks are the main structures to produce troops, so they are essential to the functioning of the village.Information is sent to the barracks from the Town Hall chest. The troops produced are used not only outside the village for battle, but inside the village as well.
The function of defenses in a Clash of Clans village is to break down unwanted materials and invaders. The invaders that enter a village are quickly broken down by the defenses.There are different defenses that are able to break down certain things. For example, cannons can break down barbarians and giants, while air defenses can break down balloons and dragons.
Gold storages absorb resources that the village has acquired. The gold storage houses gold coins that are broken down from the gold supply that it breaks down. The gold storage houses this broken down gold until it is needed. New materials can also be made from this broken down gold. These materials can then be used elsewhere in the village when needed.
Eventually, the village comes to a situation where it needs to quickly divide in order to benefit itself. When it comes time for a village to divide, the two spring taps of the village are there to help in the division. The spring traps are not visible until the village starts to divide. However, they will appear from the ground at central points in the village and begin to evenly shift two halves of the village apart, giving each equal amounts of the vital structures and information.
Surrounding the vital structures are walls.The walls of the village provide its shape and protection. The walls enclose many of the structures within the village and maintain the basic framework of the village. Some directly protect structures from invaders.
The forest boundary is found along the edges on all sides of every village. It separates the inside of the village from the outside environment. The boundary of the village only lets certain things into and out of the village. Troops can be transferred from village to village by passing through the forest boundary. It allows this while also providing protection from outside forces.
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The Battle Path is the main connection between the laboratory with the barracks and the army camp. It can send troops to the camp, to man defenses, or even out to battle. Along the path, bonus materials will spring up. These materials can be used for other functions in the village. Using the battle path, troops and bonus materials are carried around the village.
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