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So You Want to Be a History Blogger?

No description

Claire Potter

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of So You Want to Be a History Blogger?

So You Want to Be a History Blogger
Your privacy: pseudonymous or under your own name?
Your students' privacy
Your family's privacy
Your colleagues'' privacy
What Software Will You Use?
*Blogger (Google)
Square Space
What Will You Blog About?

Is there a unifying vision?
Can you find a group that will be responsible?
Do you want the freedom to experiment and shift gears?
Can you rely on your own instincts and editorial skills when posting?
Blogging and Professional Life
Solo or Group Blog?
Being Part of a Group Blog Until You Gain Confidence Could Be a Good Compromise
Maintaining Your Own Privacy is Difficult to Impossible: Caring for Other People's Privacy is Not
General Blog
Field blog
Topic blog
Your research: blog as platform
Activist/Political blog
Advice blog
Is blogging scholarship?
Blogging and Teaching
Blogging as Colleagueship (Cathy Davidson)
Blogging and other social media
Copyright: yours and other people's: Creative Commons License
Free is not always best: use the software that is easy, and does the most (you can migrate later)
You Can Always Transform a Blog, or Shut It Down and Start Over.
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