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Sahara Desert Food Web

No description

Piyakorn Mahasaranond

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Sahara Desert Food Web

Sahara Desert
By: Piyakorn Mahasaranond
Food web
Food Chain#1
Primary Consumer:
Kangaroo Rat
Secondary Consumer:
Tertiary Consumer:
Red Tailed Hawk

Top 2 Carnivores
Explain what would happen if all the primary consumers became extinct.
If all the primary consumers became extinct the producers (Saguaro cactus, Palm tree, grass, Beaver tail cactus, Mesquite bushes) would increases, since none of the organism are consuming it. Although, primary consumers are herbivorous without them producer would increases, however the secondary and the tertiary consumers would decreases because they have no food. In my food web there are no omnivores meaning that every specie eat meat. (carnivorous) Which might cause extinction to these consumers from the lack of food. To conclude, if the Primary consumer became extinct the food web would become unbalance which lead to extinction, over population, etc.
Describe what would happen if all the decomposers became extinct
If all the decomposers became extinct, there will be food waste everywhere! Decomposer’s job is to break down dead plants and animals; without it the environment would be trashed. Decomposer helps nitrogen cycled into the soil without it, no one can live. Since producers would not be able to grow therefore the consumers won’t have any food and ecosystem to live in.
If the population of producers in the food web was severely depleted, the primary consumers would decrease, later on decrease in the population of secondary and tertiary consumers. The consumers would have to migrate to find another producers or they will become extinct.
Explain what would happen if a non-native species severely depleted the population of producers in your food web.
Explain why food webs with many species are more resilient than those with few species.
Organisms from each trophic level have more food options. So if one specie become extinct, the organism
still has other species to live off and feed on.
To conclude; the more complex a food web is the more stable!
Food Chain#2
Beavertail Cactus
Primary Consumer:
Harvester Ant
Secondary Consumer:
Horned Lizard
Tertiary Consumer:
Mountain Lion

The largest and hottest desert on earth!.
-located in northern Africa, spanning 12 different countries

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