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Components of Hadoop

Hadoop in Action 책에서 Ch 3.의 내용에 대한 발표 자료

Dong U Seo

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Components of Hadoop

Components of Hadoop Hadoop HDFS MapReduce Input/Output hadoop fs -cmd <args> Listing Files Make Directory & Add File Get File Look Up Help Basic file commends hadoop fs -ls <args>
hadoop fs –lsr <args> hadoop fs -mkdir <paths> hadoop fs -put <localsrc> ... <dst> hadoop fs –get <file_path> <local_dir_path OR local_file_path> Delete File hadoop fs -rm URI [URI …] hadoop fs –cat <file_path> Display File hadoop fs –help <cmd> http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r0.18.3/hdfs_shell.html Reading and writing to HDFS programmatically FileSystem class PutMerge Hadoop Data Types WritableComparable Example of
Implementation Mapper Reducer Partitioner Combiner Local Reduce Process Example of MapReduce Input Format Hadoop Data Processing Role of InputFormat InputFormat Implementations Example of
Custom Implementation Output Format Role of OutputFormat OutputFormat Implementations PutMerge Example
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