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M Dhillon

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Forestry

U.S. effect on Canada
How can you help Canada's forestry
How People Affect Forestry
Canada's Growth
the total land mass area of Canada is 921.5 km2 and about half of that is covered with forests
forests are important economic generator in Canada
we export many goods
Trading Balance
we export the most about of products but it mostly goes to U.S
they provide the least about next to China and Japan
Take to much
U.s is our neighbour country and we are their "friends"
they consume more than they need to just which causes us to cut down more of our trees due to the North American Free Trade Agreement
What you can do
little things you do in your daily lives can make a difference like...
planting a tree
using products made close to your area
using forestry products the least amount you can
use the 3R's
there are many organization you can go to or that help
Boreal Forest Canada is one example of many organizations
they help to prevent any further damages to the trees as much as they can
they only help in certain parts of Canada
Teach others
you can also help by teaching others
it is a small step to take but its beneficial to make sure everyone is aware on our forestry
spreading the word by sharing your knowledge
3 Main Groups
There are 3 main groups that have an impact on forestry:
The Canadian Government has 3 top priorities:
In general, organizations...
Forest Fires
How do earthquakes affect forestry?
Earthquakes cause shaking or shearing of tree roots along surface fractures
The uplift of the ground surface, or changes in the water table.
It leaves fractures in the wood
The growth of the tree is suppressed
landslide which are caused by earthquakes, damage the trees
How natural destruction affects forestry
Forestry Provides
forests help us breath
supply multiple materials we need
many countries main income
habitat to many living species
provides us with food, shelter and jobs
Tied with our Future
we use forests for multiple reasons that help us survive
if we don't take care of our trees now, there will be no future
deforestation will leads to decreasing biodiversity
Use of Forestry
without forestry we can harm other natural resources we need to survive like water
forestry will help us in the future
soil is health with forests
Continue to consume...
Forestry's Role in our Future
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How do they Naturally Form?

Lightning strikes
A forest fire could last until the entire forest is gone
These fires could also destroy nearby houses and businesses
Forest fires are very dangerous
Storms can cause extensive damage in the rainforest through tree falls.
When one tree falls, dozens of other neighboring trees also fall.
Storms also create light gaps, and fallen matter such as branches.
Trees sway with an irregular swaying patterns that breaks the trees
A healthy forest can recover in a matter of months or years.
Recovery may take decades to centuries after a larger tropical storm such as hurricanes (cyclones or typhoons)
addressing climate changes and air quality
maintaining water quality and availability
protecting nature
Thinking Question:
Do you believe the government is doing everything they can to maintain the forestry?
Floods Lead to:
Drowning of plants
Scarcity of oxygen for plant growth
Changes in the pH of soils that affects growth of plants
Organic matters brought in by floods damages the root systems
Exposure of tree roots
Death and decay of root systems
Mechanical injury caused by water currents, waves and debris

Forest Fires leads to:
Burning of trees
Loss of tree species
Weakening of trees
Increased susceptibility to diseases and insects
Loss of scenic beauty
Soil erosion
Decrease in recreational values

defend the natural world
investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse
help citizens voice their opinion
protest against deforestation
Thinking Question:
Out of the 3 main groups (government, organizations, and citizens) who plays the biggest role in protecting the forestry?
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