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Slug Lab

No description

Camille Holmes

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Slug Lab

Experiment Camille Holmes This experiment investigated the preferred diet of a slug. It was carried out using the scientific method. Hypothesis I believed the slug would prefer the iceberg lettuce with yeast. Materials This experiment was performed on the common garden slug. Slugs are a form of gastropod mollusc. Other animals that fall into this category are snails, sea slugs, and sea snails. Slugs eat different forms of vegetation, fungus, and occasionally are carnivorous eating things such as snails, earthworms and other slugs. 1st Locate a slug. Slugs prefer to be out at night or occasionally in the early mourning when there is no possibility to be dried out due to the sun. 2nd Place the slug in a sealed container with air holes. Along with some sort of moisture to prevent drying out. 3rd Cut four pieces of lettuce using the grid as a guide. 4th Mix the Coffee, Sugar and Yeast into equal amounts of water. Dipping three of the four pieces into a different mixture. 5th Place each of the four pieces into the container making sure they do not touch and label each accordingly. 6th Allow the slug 24 hrs. to consume food. 7th Carefully remove lettuce pieces the next day using the 5x5 grid as reference to how much the slug ate. Record your findings. 8th Release your slug in the same place you found it or another suitable environment. R P S S E C O Results The slug preferred the sugar water lettuce and ate some of the plain lettuce while he ate none of the other two samples. n C o n c l u s i o My hypothesis was incorrect according to my findings. According to the experiment the slug preferred something sweet over the bitter coffee or the yeast. In the future multiple trials may increase the accuracy of the test. More availability of H2O and a greater amount of space may also have caused the slug to eat more. Alex the Slug The Two Pieces He Ate
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