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The South Secedes!

No description

Joe Zappa

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of The South Secedes!

Election of 1860
The Republican Party was formed just four years before.
They were focused on stopping the spread of slavery.
The South feared the new president, Lincoln, would abolish slavery.
Lincoln said he would not, but he said slavery had to end someday.
Republican, Abraham Lincoln wins!
One month after Lincoln's election, South Carolina seceded from the Union.
Declared themselves an independent country, no longer a part of the U.S.
The Constitution does not explain secession.
said leaving the Union was a
; Lincoln & the
said it was
Confederate States of America
By Feb. 1861, 7 Southern states had seceded.
They established a new nation- the Confederacy.
Their constitution guaranteed citizens could have slaves.
What's Next?
Abraham Lincoln can allow the nation to split apart, or go to war.
He felt the end of the Union would be the end of democracy throughout the world.
Two Countries or Civil War?

The South Secedes!

Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis was a Senator from Mississippi who did not think the South should secede.
But his loyalty to the South was too strong.
He was elected President of the Confederacy.
Countdown to Civil War
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