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How to make your students stand out in the HSC

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Martina Cooper

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of How to make your students stand out in the HSC

Lets start at the very beginning!
Assessment for and as learning
HSC Analysis
Take some technology tools
Blended Learning
Use the available statistics to determine where your students do best and what needs improvement
There may need to be a whole school focus to address
consistent problems

The Power of Collaboration
Google Drive is your students' BFF
Terminology is terrific
Be explicit about what
the key terms require
Add some Blooms
How to make your students stand out in the HSC
Prelim course....planting the seed
impact on the everyday lives of adherents
develop concepts of living religion and
Critical Thinking Skills
Google Classroom
The importance of BOSTES
Past Papers, Notes from the Marking Centre, Workbook
Stay Relevant!
You need to be the living aspect for your students;
recent events include Pope Francis and the Russian Patriarch, his statement on contraception and the vika virus, his statement on capital punishment.
check out ncronline daily and the Tablet....excellent sources to link to living religion and Christianity.
Practise Practise Practise
Feedback is Fundamental
Expect More
Preparation Pays
Make the assessment tasks relevant
and appropriate

How to make your students

responses stand out in the HSC
Very Blest

V - variants
R - rituals
B - beliefs
L - living religion
E - ethical teachings
S - sacred texts
T- terminology related to the relevant tradition

Q & A
Caitlin and Adam
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