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3 Ways to Creativity: How to Come Up with Better Presentation Ideas

Based on "3 Ways to Creativity" from the SlideGenius blog: http://www.slidegenius.com/blog

Mika Pangilinan

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of 3 Ways to Creativity: How to Come Up with Better Presentation Ideas

Waiting for your muse?
There's no time to wait for divine intervention. Try these 3 methods to get rid of that nasty creative block.
Research shows that creating "psychological distance" between you and the task at hand helps in reducing stress and increasing creativity.
Take a nap
Several studies have found that a short snooze can help improve memory, cognitive function, and creativity.
Inspiration can be found anywhere. Surf the net for presentation ideas. You can also get "aha" moments from things that don’t seem related to your task at all.
Don't know which questions to ask?
Try wearing six different hats.
3 ways to creativity:
How to Come Up with Better Presentation Ideas
Take a walk
Enjoy a quick stroll outside. The fresh air will help in relieving the stress you feel from your creative block, and the scenery could can give you great ideas.
Find a new angle to tackle your dilemma. Don't settle for the same path you took last time.
Red Hat
Look at the situation emotionally. What do your feelings tell you?
Find it in odd places
You might think it’s crazy, but a lot of random things can relate to presentations. Think about the movies that made an impact on you. Browse through the book you just finished reading. You might even find inspiration from watching a soccer match.
Search the net!
After a quick Google search, you’ll find plenty of blogs and websites offering their own tips and tricks to solve your dilemma.
Sites to Visit:
White Hat
Look at the situation objectively. What are the facts?
Yellow Hat
Use a positive perspective. Which elements of the solution will work?
Black Hat
Use a negative perspective. Which elements of the solution won’t work?
Green Hat
Think creatively. What are some alternative ideas?
Blue Hat
Think broadly. What is the best overall solution?
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