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Robots By:Aishvarya

No description

lis lab3

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Robots By:Aishvarya

Why was the robot built? The Inventor was Archytas, a great mathematician. He built a wooden pigeon which was powered by steam. The pigeon amazingly flew for 200 meters until it ran out f steam. Archytas is now known as the father of inventing". Who Built It? A robot is a machine capable of carrying out
out a complex series of actions automatically . What is it? Thanks for Watching!!!!!!!!!! Where was it built first? The first robot was built in Ancient Greece. Robots were created to do hard labor that humans were tired of doing. They were also created to help with the Industrial Revolution. Robots can be a play toy for a child, or they can be a servant for an elderly person. No matter what the purpose, robots will always be advanced technology for us humans. ROBOTS When was the robot built? The first robot was built in 400 B.C. Hi! Today you will learn about robots!! Still learning?? Well, i'm not stopping you! Go ahead!
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