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A2 Dance Revision

No description

justine williams

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of A2 Dance Revision

Plan first
One third of a page/ half a page
What the question is about-explain your interpretation and what it is asking you to do
Why the question is important-identify main issues raised by the question
How you are going to answer it- what you will cover in the essay in order to answer the question
Essay Writing
Themes: West Side Story
e.g 'Describe how the theme of Love in West Side Story is shown. Make reference to choreography, physical setting, aural setting and use of dancers.'
One paragraph for each scene (about 4 scenes).
Describe how the theme is shown through each of the components.
I Feel Pretty
Dance at the Gym
Silence- no sound, can add to the setting and theme.
Voice- in the form of words, crying, laughter, singing.
Natural-wind, birds, crowds, trains, cars etc.
Found-Sounds made by dancers such as tap, clap, click.
Music- Composed, recorded, live, instruments.
Summarise the main points
Relate these points back to the question
Show the answer you have reached
No new information
Speculate about future developments or trends
Your conclusion should leave the reader with a clear picture of your main argument, and also leave them feeling positive about your ideas
Re-cap of Topics
A2 Dance Revision
Aural Setting
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