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The Spanish-American war affect on the Panama Canal

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Cierra Roby

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of The Spanish-American war affect on the Panama Canal

The Spanish-American war affect on the Panama Canal
Topic 5
What were the reasons behind the Spanish- American war?
The Spanish American war did not start for just anything. There were reasons behind this short war. Two reasons for this war include the conflict between the Kingdom of Spain and US that was caused by US demands. Also, the US wanted Spain to resolve with Cuba and the US threatened Spain with war, so Spain went ahead and declared war.
There were 2 main incidents that lead up to the Spanish-American war. One main event was the Sinking of the USS Maine battleship. Another incident leading up to the war was the Yellow journalism.
Incidents leading up to the event:
What took place during the event?
Two big things happened during the war. One was the 1st battle in sea near the Philippines in which Spanish was trapped in the bay, therefor they were defeated by the US. During the war, Spain also fought Philippines and were defeated on land and the US army made a deal to come and help protect the Spanish army from the Philippines.
The result of the event:
The Spanish American war did not lost a great deal of time. One result that came about after the war was the signing of the Treaty of Paris which ended the war. Also, Cuba became an independent state after the war.
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