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Farm & Table

Restaurant Proposal

Jack Garrett

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Farm & Table

ferme à la table
Executive Summary
Company: Farm & Table Co.
Population Base
Market Analysis
Who is on the block?
How are we different?
How to get the word out?
Specifically to target audiences
What kind of advertising?
Business Operations
Management & Ownership
Owner: Jon and Jack Garrett
General Manager: Jon Garrett
Chef/Kitchen Manager: Sunshine Cafe dude, per Jon Garrett or Robyn Garrett (cuisine)
Maitre D./Dining Manager: per Jon Garrett
Bartender: per Jon Garrett
Sommelier: per Jon Garrett
First Costs
Spending v. Revenue
Break-even Analysis
Growth Plan
Balance Sheet
Industry Data
(farm and table)
Why finance this venture?
Why will this venture be successful?
Why am I the right person for the job?
Why style?
Why location?
Name: ferme à la table (french for Farm and Table)
Style: there is a movement gathering significant momentum in the US right now regarding whole foods - whether organic or no, straight from the farm meat and produce is a market trend worth betting on
Location: the bridge street district of Phoenixville, PA has seen a gentrification in the last decade which brings a significant upper-middle class sample of the 422 corridor out for shopping, dining, and entertainment
ferme à la table - phoenixville
Artisans Gallery & Cafe
Black Lab Bistro & Bakery
Black Walnut Winery Tasting Room
Bistro on Bridge
Marly's Restaurant
Molly Maguire's Irish Restaurant & Pub
Nudy's Cafe
Pickering Creek Inn
PJ Ryan's
Daddy Mim's
Dominic's Ristorante Italiano
Soltane Breads & Spreads
Sips Bistro & Bar
Steel City Coffeehouse
Eliza's Bakery
Fenix Martini Bar
El Burrito
Franco's Ristorante
Thai L'Elephant
Hacienda La Michoacana
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Xpress Pizza & Grill
Customer Profile:
White Anglo-Saxon Person
Target Consumer:
Lunch - Pharma employees, ages 21-55
Dinner - Local school district family & friends, ages 13-65
Late Night - Local college and graduate students, ages 26-42

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Thursday
11am - 10pm
11am - 12pm
9am - 12pm
9am - 10pm
Employee Headcount: (during open hours +1)
1 dishwasher/busboy
2 servers
1 line cook
1 host
Product Sources:
Jack's Farm (jacksfarm.net)
Pikeland Pastured Poultry
Philly CowShare (www.phillycowshare.com)
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