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Flipped Classroom

No description

Andrea Head

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom

First things First The Flipped Classroom Bringing Instruction home and practice to the classroom What is a Flip? Why should we do this?
How can we get this started?
Who should be involved?
What resources are needed?
How much?
What should my role be? Resources Must Haves
Platform for web communication
My Big Campus
Recording Devices
Web Cam
Recording Software
SMART Notebook Nice Additions
Video Hosting Site www.edmodo.com
secure site
controlled by the class owner
easy interface
embed video, forms, links, and files
ability to make assignments
assign quizes
many other features Making over PD Flipped Out Lessons Learned from our First Year Websites
Symbaloo Flippin' Fifth Grade:
Sarah Velotta
5th Grade Math The Flipped Classroom
A 1st Grade Teacher's Experience The UGLY The GOOD The GOOD Increase of Parent Involvement
Student Engagement
Time to Support Students Who Need Extra Help
Communication with Parents The BAD Students are not as Independent~It Takes More Prep Work for Younger Students
Computer Issues at Home
Parent Interest Watching & Listening to myself on the video! The BAD The UGLY Students were sent videos through Edmodo each week to show how to use each program.
Students watched the videos, practiced at home, and posted examples of finished work on Edmodo.
During our weekly meetings, the students asked questions, and helped other students who did not have access to the videos at home. I was able to save time during our weekly meetings.
Students were responsible for their own learning.
Students communicated with each other through Edmodo to give support and suggestions. Presented by
Andrea Head and
Sarah Velotta Then: Spent hours creating my
own videos, searching for
resources, and editing Now:
1)Use Math Train, Prezi, You Tube,
Teacher Tube, Study Jams, and Math Live
2) Spit out a prezi in much less time Then: Students watched 15 minute video
(without any pausing) and completed a
worksheet. Now: Students watch a short video
(about 10 minutes) and solve one or
two equations. Then: Assigned only one flipped
assignment each nine weeks. Now: After receiving feedback from
students, I'll assign at least
one every two weeks. Straight From the Source: "That you could have your own pace
at the work rather than have a teacher
all the time show you what to do because
you can't "pause" the teacher." What did you like about
The Flipped Classroom? "You could watch it over and over again
and you could post questions if you
didn't understand." "I liked that when I didn't understand something
and my mom or my sister didn't know how to
do it I would just go back and be able to
watch it how ever many times I wanted." "I liked flipped homework because it explained better
than regular worksheet homework. Also, I could
refer back to it when i needed
extra explaining or help." Students were asked if they learned more
from "flipped" homework than traditional
worksheet homework. 89% said YES!!! The Bottom Line What does a flipped classroom look like in an elementary setting? Doesn't Model your expectations in the classroom. Show a video and stop often to show students how to take notes. Then move to guided practice before assigning it for homework.

Remember not all students have computer access at home so have a “back up plan”.

Start small. Try one subject and see how it goes for your students. Make adjustments as necessary.

Use videos that are already made.

Try making your own videos when comfortable. The kids will love seeing and hearing you.

Use it as a way to differentiate!

Read up on it! There are lots of great articles out there and if you are on twitter follow #flipclass and see what educators are doing and saying all around the world.
replace the teacher

work for only for tech savy teachers any teacher

become a way to cover more material Flippin' Out
Over Prezi Afterthought Social Studies
Social Networking How do I make them WANT to learn more? Questions:
How do I reach students where they are? I love the idea of the flipped classroom, but how do I make it work for me? I mainly used Edmodo. We used the Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips this year. I would post the link to the field trip and have the students watch the video and respond on Edmodo. I discovered the Symbaloo website late this year. I created a Symbaloo for the Civil War. Research for kids Students need to do research to find information for themselves. However, the internet is a scary place! What's the solution? Symbaloo Using the Symbaloo helps to ensure that the kids are on safe websites and also that they are looking a good quality information. It's all about getting them "plugged in" Ms. Andrea Head- STLP Sponsor A YEAR USING FLIP
WEEKLY MEETINGS! Explain Everything http://www.edmodo.com/file?id=d51020f8ba2c81b7b916b9048f7243a9 Take a Power Point and FLIP it by talking over it and manipulating it. When I gave study guides for tests, I would post answers on Edmodo instead of going over the material again in class. The students created songs or poems throughout the year to help them remember content. I recorded these and posted them on Edmodo through Youtube. How I am using it this year! I made Symbaloos for each unit we study.

Revolutionary War
Native Americans
Government WHAT NEXT? WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Flippin' in 2nd Grade Benefits Benefits Benefits The flipped classroom:
*allows students to stop, review,
pause, and replay with out fear of being
made fun of in front of peers.
*students learn at there own pace.
*helps prevent students from falling
behind when absent.
*fosters active learners.
*allows teacher to utilize more time
in the classroom for one-on-one, or small
group, and station work.
*promote student learning.
*increase rigor in classroom
*provide social networking for students,
teachers, and parents to interact safely. You can be a good teacher and never use technology, and technology won't turn a bad teacher into a good one. However, a good teacher who uses technology will make great things happen. 'Rushton Hurley" My instruction comes from
*my own video/smartboard
*kahn academy
*research (surf the web)
*prezi Have students create mini
videos for peers What next? Helpful Hints
*start out small
focus on one
(math, phonics)
*one weekly
*start out with premade
videos then create own.
Kiddos love it. It works...why?
*We are teaching
digital driven students.
Class Survey: (20 students)
95% have one computer with internet.
75% have more than one computer in household.
100% has access to internet outside of school.
*Less homework
*Increased participation and completion of homework. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/sypfUD6v0dY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Students can safely surf the web with the websites that you have provided.
Allows students to work on specific websites that you have choosen instead of unleahing them on the Internet.
Create theme pages (Geometry, Alegbra, Number Sense)
Only flaw: Does not automatically update with link. Must resend link each time changes are made.
I repost links on our Edmodo page each week to remind students about the sites. What do Parents Think about the Flipped Classroom? What do students think about the Flipped Classroom?
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