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Coles notes - Maze Runner

No description

Taylor Doyle

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Coles notes - Maze Runner

Plot Summary
Thematic Statements
A real friend warms you by his presence, trusts you with his secrets, and remembers you in his heart.
The Box
The Author described the Setting of the box really well. At the beginning of the book he used a lot of show don't tell. This established the setting within less than a paragraph. The atmosphere at this spot of the book was; curious, scared, nervous, and cold.
Person- vs- Supernatural
The gladers and grievers have multiple negetive encounters. (ex. When Alby gets stung, going through the griever hole, ect.)
Teresa is the first girl to ever be in the Glade. She has very pale skin, bright blue eyes, and pink lips. Thomas has some recognition of her when she first appears in The Box. She is mysterious and very bright. She is caring and believes in staying strong. She can communicate mentally with Thomas through her thoughts. She feels like she has a special connection to him.
Novel Review
Overall, I enjoyed the maze runner book because of the many points of tension. I love the high point of tension of the first time Thomas was in the maze. The many times Thomas encounters a Griever kept me on the edge of my seat. Another point of high tension was when Ben attacked Thomas in the grave yard. I get a charge out of the and shame of Thomas when Ben is banished. Lastly I adore when Thomas and Teresa mentaly communicate. I think it would b adorable if the next book turned into a love story between Thomas and Teresa. Conclusively, I enjoyed the high tension book.
Figurative Language
- "Squeezed his heart like a crushing fist."
- "Ugly as fried liver on a stick."
- "Wirrrrr click click click click wirrrrrrr."
-“They finally made it to a rectangular cut in a long wall to the north that looked like a doorway without a door”
- “…Receding back through the moist skin with a sick slurping sound.”

- “The terrible sounds he’d heard escalate for the last hour took on a high-pitched, squeal, like a robotic death yell.”
- “He ached with weariness; his muscles screamed.”

Coles notes
The Maze Runner

Antecedent Action:
-The antecedent and action was every time Thomas had a flash back about his past life.
The introduction is
-When Thomas is entering the glade through the box.
-Ben attacking Thomas and being banished
-The girl coming in the box with the note
- Trying to get out of the maze
Rising Action
-Thomas spending the night in the maze
-The gathering for Thomas
-Teresa wakes up
-Thomas becomes a runner
- The sun disappears
-The "creators" stop sending supplies
- The maze doors stop closing, grievers enter the glade, the grievers take one boy every night
-Chuck dies
- Mysterious people save gladers
Falling Action
-Teresa pushes button that leads them out of the maze
-The resistance comes into the lab and saves them
-Bus ride to glader room
-Because Teresa and Thomas are separated they telepathically talk

Friendship is very important in the Glade. Survival would be hard with out a strong sense of trust and friendship. Friend ship allows the boys (and girl) to trust trust each other in the self-sustaining communities jobs.
Even though some boys had been confined in the maze for up to two years, the gladers, and runners did not give up on finding an escape route. Not trying to solve the maze may have meant giving up and concluding to a sense of hopelessness. This task may have come to feel pointless, yet they continue trying to solve the maze.
“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when you discover that someone else believes in you and is willing to trust you with a friendship.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Person- vs -self

One example of person vs self is when Thomas was preparing himself to get stung by grievers. Another example is when he was trying to remember Teresa.
Person -vs. -Society
An example of person vs society is when the Keeper’s call a meeting to discuss what to do with Thomas. Thomas is not allowed to say anything while they are making the decision. The Keepers are deciding whether to put him in the Slammer, make him a runner, or even better, or train him to become Keeper of the Runners.

Chuck is boy who is assigned to be Thomas's guide on his first night in the Glade. Chuck is awkward and one of the youngest Gladers. He is talkative, innocent and kind, and though he is also annoying at times Thomas starts to see Chuck as a friend and kind of a younger brother. Thomas tries to make sure Chuck gets out of the Maze and is able to meet his past life family. Chuck
saves Thomas from Gally's knife. Chuck was able to die a hero.
The Maze
The Author had a wonderful description. He Gave small descriptions frequently. This established a vivid idea of the setting. The Atmosphere in the first time Thomas is in the maze is tense, awkward, and scared.
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