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My favorite artist

Justin beiber's life

Yajaira Lara

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of My favorite artist

Justin's History Justin drew Beiber is a handsome guy that was born in a hospital called
"ST.Josephs Hospital"in London,Ontario,Canada.
He was born on March 1,1994.But he grew up in Stratford,Ontario,Canada.He is a 18 year old artist
that most girls die for.He is 5'7 & he likes to play hockey.He grew up with his mom But also has a father that once in a while goes to see him. Justin Bieber's Personal life "His Background"(: Genre Justin performs R&B,Pop His Music Fits in the category of R&B,Pop.His Music is relaxing,romantic,it has a beat you can dance to.His Music is Young adult & Love Discography Albums -My World(November 17,2009)
-My World 2.0(March 19,2010)
-My World Acoustic(November 26,2010)
-Never Say Never*The remixes
(February 14,2011)
-Under The Mistletoe (November 1,2011)
-Believe (June 15,2012) Awards Reconginitions Justin's Most significant album is Believe Because,His voice has changed since the start and Its a big hit for everyone Philanthrophy Personal Connection Fun facts Sources 1.http://www.Justinbeiberzone.com
4.http://thejustinbiebershrine.com/2011/02/justin-biebers-beliebers-named-greatest-superfan-community.html Interesting things you may not know about Justin !! His Favorite color is Purple! Selena Gomez is his girlfriend<3 Favorite dish is Spaghetti Bolognese. Likes to play guitar ,
drums,piano & trumpet He is a Lefty! He likes Captain Crunch with berries! His two best friends are Ryan Butler,Chaz Somers!(: I personally feel connected to Justin because his songs and feelings express what i feel and what i want.Just like Justin I keep smiling,keep my show going on no matter what haters have to say.I feel connected to him because we both don't care what people say about us
My favorite work from him is when he helps out different charities . Justin has helped the community in many ways.He donates a portion of his tickets sales to worthy causes,visits children's hospital's,he helps kids make dreams come true through the "Make a wish foundation".He also supports" Pencils of Promise" -Got second place in Stratford Idol
-August 14,2011 "Do Something Foundation"
Justin took 4 surfing boards as awards in 2012 Teen Choice awards which are;
-Choice Male Artist: Justin Bieber
-Choice Single By A Male Artist: Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
-Choice Male Music Star of the Summer: Justin Bieber
-Choice Male Fashion Icon: Justin Bieber
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