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The V-room Cupboard

learning solutions presentation

Julieanna Fierro

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of The V-room Cupboard

Access NW
Quad Community
Virgin "Social" Media
What's Quad?
Quad is a Virgin "Social" Media space
where all members of the Virgin Media family can come together to learn, interact and connect with each other and help to build a learning culture.
Whats included in this community?
Links to useful forms on the intranet.
Nurturing Our Own
Communicating and Listening
Creating a sense of community
Working together as one team
Enabling our people to perform their roles more effectively
open with information
share expertise
Aim to create a place where people love to work
Why do Access want a community?
Create an open 'learning' environment which supports the teams.
An area for all your links and on the job information to be located.
Keeps you all connected, so you know what's going on both in the work place & socially.
Allow user-generated content (UGC) learning. (i.e. you can create documents & video's that will help your colleagues)
Community at your fingertips, allowing you to access anywhere and at anytime.
Upcoming Events
Tech Tips
Quarter One 2010
SME trials
V-room homepage to 200 employees.
Springboard (Cornerstone)
Useful links & forms
Quarter Four 2010
All Virgin Media, including Virgin Mobile and NTL:Telewest Business will have access to V-Room.
Employees able to upload their own material.
current internal applications
Quarter Four 2011
Internal "Help" chat
It's not all just Fun Fun Fun ......
Network speed and capacity
We are here to do a job.
more staff & SME's to monitor content and "Help" chat
Measuring the sucess
User statistics
Less Online help needed
Increase in "Your Story" scores
Job roles filled with the right people
decrease in staff churn
Increase in customer satisfaction (NPS)
more customer first call resolutions
Virgin Academy
Pathfinder - job roles & vacancies
Coaches Corner
Field Updates
Your Story
Rate this page
Status update
Personal, team & company statistics
message boards
Virgin Media, a place where people love to work, and feel inspired to be brilliant!!!
Evaluate & Feedback
V-Room @ home
Release to mobile workforce
release V-Room to external customers
External applications
outsourced staff
click through rates (CTR)
users logged on and duration
Competitions & Reviews
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