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Ambar Matos and Charbel Adwan

No description

lib hist

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Ambar Matos and Charbel Adwan

What They Have In Common
They were both born in the USA
They both served in the US Army
They were both Sargents
They both received the Purple Heart
They both showed valor and leadership in the face of danger
Stanley was born in 1922, De Soto, Kansas
Stanley was a Master Sargent
He was deployed in 1951, in the Korean War
He received the Medal Of Honor in 1951, by President Truman
Medal Of Honor
Ryan Pitts
Adams showed valor on the battle field against the Korean enemies, in 1951. Adams saw that the enemy could only be routed by close quarters, and led 13 men from his platoon in a bayonet charge against 150 enemy soldiers. I believe Sargent Stanley T. Adams showed a great amount of leadership, valor, and devotion when fighting and inspired his comrades to do the same and fight. Adams deserved to get the Medal Of Honor for showing such strengths, but he wasn't the only soldier to deserve that medal. A lot of his fellow soldiers that died fighting, deserve it. He wears it, not for himself, but for everyone of his comrades.
Stanley T. Adams
Ryan Pitts & Stanley T. Adams
Sergeant Pitts courage, commitment to the defense of his unit and his calls led to the enemy not overrunning the observation post and capturing fallen soldiers. His heroism and bravery led to the enemy not gaining the upper hand. Pitts deserves the medal of honor because of his great heroism and the care for his fallen brothers and sisters.
Ryan was born in 1985 in Lowell Michigan
Ryan was a Sargent
Ryan as deployed in Afghanistan 2007
He Recieved the Medal of Honor from President Obama, in 2014
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